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How to measure the effectiveness of PR

How to measure the effectiveness of PR? Mostly, when during a meeting between the PR specialist and his supervisor (education IBA) or between the PR Agency and the client comes to this issue – be sure there is a short, but still a pause. PR professionals gain full lungs of air, to explain the importance […]

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3 marketing mistakes that makes everybody

In the magazine, The CEO Refresher has an interesting article about marketing mistakes. It turns out that almost every organization is doing and has no idea why business is not booming. Below will be given not only the three major mistakes a business Manager, but also ways of their avoidance (elimination). The truism: “the right […]

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Understanding consumers from Procter & Gamble

That did not come up big companies to “closer” bind consumers to the brand! An example of a company that always tries to use the most advanced technology to promote their products is the concern Procter & Gamble (P&G). P&G has launched an unusual project as part of its online advertising campaign blokovoe portal Saree.som. […]

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The relevance of brands

Experts of consulting company McKinsey together with experts from the institutes of marketing researches at the universities of Münster, Kiel and Hamburg conducted an interesting study called “Powerful brands” based on online survey among 12 thousand consumers from nine countries. Experts studied the question of when and where you need to invest in the expansion […]

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About the goldfish and the elephant in the context of marketing

About the goldfish and the elephant in the context of marketing one conference, don Peppers has proven that many companies behave like goldfish. Of course, about any three wishes cannot be considered. We are talking about the short memory fish. There is a legend that every event goldfish only remember for three seconds. Therefore, swimming […]

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The business has no words

The business has “no words”…to Those people who still sincerely believe in the power of naming (from the English. Naming) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company, will be interested to know that to choose the “correct” name for the company is becoming increasingly difficult. According to the authors of the blog Brand […]

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Consumers do not care about the brands

Consumers do not care about the brands…the Majority of marketing Directors and brand managers even does not want to hear that consumers are indifferent to brands. But this revelation is divided into Laura rice, in his blog The Origin of Brands. “What! Will come to anger just about any manufacturer Supervisor. – You Are the […]

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Sustainable marketing – a fashionable topic or a different approach to doing business?

Sustainable marketing – a fashionable topic or a different approach to doing business? Recently in the tour of France drew attention to a number of books on the topic of “Sustainable marketing“, “Marketing for sustainable development”. We could not even see. It is clear that the concept of “sustainable development” (sustainable development), which came from […]

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All you need to know about pseudo brands

Who and why pseudo modern brendita that in the minds of people, certain countries are associated with specific types of products. For example, we know that the best cars in Germany, there’s also brew the best beer and the best wine is made, of course, in France. When choosing a product at the supermarket, subject […]

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