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Distracting and voluntary marketing

Two methods for getting wedded, or voluntary advertising and Annoying allow Seth Godin in his guide Authorization Advertising provides the many apparent methods to evaluate the job of experts and voluntary annoying advertising would be to attract on an example with relationship. This process shows that one concept is worked better than by the submission […]

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Marketing is bad?

Marketing is bad? The marketing works. Provided cost time and money (professionally), can tell a story that spreads, affects people and changes their behavior. Marketing can get people to buy something which they would not have bought under other circumstances, to vote for people without marketing nobody would know, and maintain organizations that would be […]

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Ignore those who criticize you

Pay no attention to those who criticize social media correctly means to save efforts and properly allocate your time. Often our emotional preferences can even hinder quality of the brand and long-term effect of PR. It is necessary to clearly determine which people “waste time”. Seth Godin in his next post reflects on the correct […]

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3 questions to ask your clients

Three questions are worth asking as its call we are talking about marketing, most companies make the same mistake. They build their self-centered campaign around the idea: “Here’s my product, and that’s why he’s the best!” Only a few months of effort, they grab his head and start thinking why they are unable to obtain […]

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Why you ought to fire some of your customers

Fireplace of the clients! Actually during disaster, actually throughout the downturn within the economy, the easiest way to improve success would be to eliminate a number of their customers. Of Jeremiah that is youthful evaluates just how to still do it. The final period this really is occasionally known reps and the vendors of businesses […]

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Distrust of brands: causes and consequences

Distrust brands: causes and consequences consumers now trust the brands and information that they offer? According to some studies, these buyers will be typed no more than 20%. What do not so, what is the reason for this attitude of consumers to brands? Possible reasons for the negative attitude of the majority of consumers to […]

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5 marketing traps to avoid for your business

5 marketing traps that are worth avoiding your bannwaldallee Bureau of statistics recently published a report on the level of “mortality” among businesses in the period from 2003 till 2006 years. For businesses whose incomes ranged from $50,000 to $200,000 level of “mortality rate” was 50% in three years. The bitter truth is that many […]

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Your employees are also your customers

Your employees are your customers, but they buy from you? Your best salespeople possess vast knowledge about how to communicate and motivate people. And it is possible that proper use of this knowledge could put the company to a new level. But in reality, they very rarely have the opportunity to share their knowledge with […]

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The end of branding

The end of branding? In pursuit of the perfect design for business, the best visual display of the company brand we often forget about what lies at the heart of any visual solutions is the very essence of the brand and its character. Julie Cucchi in the publication of the CEO Refresher warns against the […]

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