5 products, the success of which didn’t believe marketing research

5 products, the success of which did not believe marketing marketing research means a lot to companies. This will tell you of any marketer. However, it is understood that any research is not axiomatic and ultimately it is the entrepreneur who decides to launch the product in production or not. The study is able to provide supervisor additional information that helps you make the right decision. But it is likely that the study results will be incorrect. After the removal of the new product to market is not always logical.

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The following are examples of five products that have managed to achieve considerable success despite the fact that marketers really did not believe in them.

Sony Walkman

When in 1979, the year the market went portable player Sony Walkman – that was the real revolution. Until that time, nobody even dreamed that a person can listen to music, walking or even doing sports. Of course, marketing research showed that people “don’t want to carry around a tape recorder”. But, whatever it was, Sony did not pay attention to this fact. And rightly so.

Player Sony Walkman not only brought fame to the Japanese Corporation, but also created a new product category – portable music players. Can you imagine today’s youth, who does not listen to their players, wherever she was. It all started with the Sony Walkman, which the marketers predicted “death.”


The name of the copier are common. It covers not only the product of one particular company but the whole category of goods. However, in the late 40-ies of a study conducted by the then company Haloid Company (formerly known Xerox showed what a copier does not need society. It’s too expensive and inconvenient.

Well, in the company’s management at the time was sitting quite smart people and they did not listen to research. As a consequence, in 1949, the year entered the market the first Xerox. The commercial success of this product was so great that the company was renamed. In 80-e years it has become the most innovative company in the United States. That is it we have to thank not only for copiers but also for a graphical window interface and computer mouse (to some degree).


Howard Schultz is really a brave guy. When he started his business, most of the researchers in one voice say: “Show me a man who is willing to pay $ 3 for a Cup of coffee?” And Schultz pointed to the millions of Americans. And then to residents of other countries.

Starbucks sold far not the best coffee. It cannot be compared with the best coffee shops of Italy. But, undoubtedly, a company’s success is due to the atmosphere that carries each Cup. Schulz once said that he wants Starbucks to become for people a third place between work and home. And he was able to realize his dream thanks to the incredible atmosphere. And, of course, very good coffee, which, though wasn’t the best, still a cut above all average counterparts in most countries of the world.


At the end of the 19th century, Alexander Graham bell and partners planned to sell Western Union the patent for his new invention – the telephone. This event entered the history business, as the largest error. The mistake I made the Western Union company when he refused to get a patent.

WU studies have shown that such a device as the phone has no future. Who needs a phone if there is a Telegraph? And who can come up with the idea of talking to someone through the phone.

Today, working in Western Union money transfers and occasionally reminisce about its former glory. Who knows what would have changed their fate if they bought the phone.


The famous iPod (which, incidentally, was the killer of the first product in this list), also had to be born, if the owners of the company trusted the results of marketing research. And these results have proven that society does not need a player with a hard drive. People don’t need to carry so many songs. The results have proven, but Steve jobs thought differently. And once again he was right due to his vision.

Today, iPod is the best known mp3 player in the world occupying more than 60% of the market. Not to mention the fact that Apple has enough popular additional product – online music store iTunes Store.

The conclusions one can make for himself. And if you are a company Manager that will bring to market new and unique product, but marketing research shows that he will have success, remember these stories. Maybe your product will create a revolution!