Are Cooplands good to work for?

Are Cooplands good to work for?

Cooplands is a very friendly workplace, with lots of different opportunities to learn new things, with a constant flow of regular and new customers who you get to know.

Who owns Cooplands?

EG Group
Cooplands/Parent organizations

The EG Group, founded by brothers Mohsin and Zuber Issa, has acquired Cooplands, the Scarborough bakery, which employs more than 1,600 people. It was founded way back in 1885 by Frederick and Alice Coopland and is the second-largest bakery in the country.

How many Cooplands are there?


Type Private
Number of locations 150+
Key people Belinda Youngs (CEO)
Products Sandwiches, pasties, pastries, cakes,desserts, bread, drinks and other baked goods.
Owner EG Group

Who invented Cooplands?

EG Group is continuing its acquisition spree by taking on the Cooplands bakery group. Founded by Frederick and Alice Coopland as a pork butcher and pie maker in Scarborough in 1885, Cooplands has become the UK’s second largest bakery chain.

Who did Cooplands take over?

Yorkshire-based Cooplands, the UK’s second biggest bakery chain, has been acquired by the entrepreneurs Zuber and Mohsin Issa, who bought Asda last year. The brothers acquired the Leeds-based supermarket chain Asda from US retailer Walmart via their EG Group a year ago for £6.8 billion.

What was Greggs previously called?

In May 1994, the company acquired the Bakers Oven chain of bakers’ shops from Allied Bakeries. In August 1999, Greggs rebranded its one hundred Braggs bakers shops as Greggs of the Midlands, and its Leeds based Thurston chain as Greggs of Yorkshire.

Where was Cooplands founded?

1885. Founded by a young husband and wife, Frederick and Alice Coopland, Cooplands began trading as a small pork butcher and pie maker on Market Street, Scarborough.

Where did Couplands start?

It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years since our founder, Ray Coupland, started baking pies at the back of his dairy selling them over the counter and catering them to nearby businesses in Timaru.

What did Cooplands take over?

The business grows rapidly as it acquires Woodhead’s bakery in Scarborough, Ainsley’s in Leeds and Peters Cathedral Bakers in the North East. This brings to total number of shops to over 155, supplied to from 3 bakeries.

What was Greggs before it was Greggs?

What came before Greggs?

Bakers Oven
Bakers Oven was a British bakery chain. In May 1994, it was acquired by Greggs; in December 2008, the shops of Bakers Oven were renamed as Greggs.

When was Couplands founded?

Back in 1968, Ray Coupland, founder of Coupland’s Bakeries started baking pies and catering them to businesses in Timaru.