Are Endicia servers down?

Are Endicia servers down?

Current Endicia status is up.

Does Endicia still use DAZzle?

When you sign up for an Endicia Professional account, you download the Endicia Professional Suite installer, which includes Endicia DAZzle, Endicia Professional, and DYMO Printable Postage. You can also use DAZzle to purchase discounted shipping insurance and request postage refunds. …

Why can’t I log into Endicia?

If you are still experiencing a login error using DAZzle, Endicia Professional or Platinum Shipper, we recommend closing and restarting your program, this will resolve the error. The issues with the Reporting module on are crippling!

How do I update Endicia?

Normally, you should receive a notification when an update is required. You can manually download and install or update Endicia software from your Endicia online account on Log in to your Endicia online account.

What is DAZzle for endicia?

What is DAZzle? DAZzle allows you to design shipping labels, and buy and print postage for all your letters and packages from your PC. If you are using the Premium or Professional service, you can integrate DAZzle into your order management system so that you can fulfill orders.

How do I log into Endicia?

Log In to Your Endicia Postage Account

  1. Select Postage > Account Setup.
  2. Enter your Account Number.
  3. Enter your Pass Phrase.
  4. Optional: Select the Save Pass Phrase check box.

Is Endicia and stamps com the same?

Endicia, a wholly owned subsidiary of (Nasdaq: STMP), is a leading provider of internet-based postage services for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Endicia’s postage and shipping solutions save time and provide access to the best possible U.S. Postal Service® rates.

How do I download endicia?

In your browser, go to

  1. When prompted whether you want to run or save the file, click Run.
  2. If prompted whether you are sure that you want to run this software, click Run.
  3. When the Endicia Professional Setup Wizard appears, click Next.

How do I install endicia connect?

Simply download and install, following the onscreen instructions as you would any software on your computer. After installation, Endicia CONNECT will open. Sign in with your ENDICIA Username and Password. You will be returned to Endicia Online to complete your postage preparation and printing.

How do I download endicia DAZzle?