Are Hope brakes any good?

Are Hope brakes any good?

British company Hope has long been one of the a familiar disc brake brand in the mountain bike world. The quality of design and finish is very good; Hope has been honing this over a very long time. The levers have a split clamp for easy installation and they’re MatchMaker compatible for neatly integrating shifter pods.

What oil do you use for Hope brakes?

Hope brakes are designed to operate with DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 brake fluid. These are both glycol based fluids and can be mixed, although it’s advisable to flush the line through with the new fluid to maintain a constant performance. DOT 4 will typically have a lower boiling point than DOT 5.1 and be more viscous (thicker).

Do Hope rotors work with Shimano brakes?

The rotor matches your Hope brakes, but they also fit the Shimano, Sram, and Magura systems with their widened braking surface. This guarantees high braking performance, also in long descents.

Are Hope bike parts good?

I own loads of Hope components including hubs , disc brakes, headsets and an R8 off road light. All parts perform extremely well and are beautifully made (something I appreciate as an engineer).

Are hope V4 brakes good?

Hope Tech 3 V4 disc brakes bottom line Hope’s brakes have a lot of fans and I can see their appeal – the craftsmanship is excellent, as is product backup. As with all brakes, some people will like the modulation rather than sharp braking feel, and it’s easy to control the power on offer via the very adjustable lever.

Will hope rotors work with SRAM brakes?

I thought I’d post here to let everyone know that Hope floating rotors are not compatible with Sram Guide Brakes. The pressed/raised interface between the 2 surfaces of the rotor are too close to the caliper post. I hope that helps someone looking to upgrade to floating rotors.

Are Hope rotors thicker?

The intention of the V4 brake disc rotor from Hope couldn’t be clearer, thanks to the lightning bolt shapes cut out of the braking surface. At 2.3mm thick, it is Hope Tech’s thickest brake rotor, designed to manage the additional heat generated when braking to slow down heavier, often faster eMTBs.