Are Inia Geoffrensis endangered?

Are Inia Geoffrensis endangered?

Not extinct
Amazon river dolphin/Extinction status

Why are Inia Geoffrensis pink?

Adult males are pinker than females, partly because they are more scarred due to inter-male aggression, and scar tissue is pink (Martin and da Silva, 2006).

What is the life span of a river dolphin?

Life expectancy of the Amazon river dolphin in the wild is unknown, but in captivity, the longevity of healthy individuals has been recorded at between 10 and 30 years. However, the average longevity in captive animals is only 33 months.

What is the life cycle of the pink river dolphin?

While the Amazon pink dolphin has rather small round eyes, they do have very good eyesight. Lifespan is believed to be just under three years in the wild, on average. In captivity these creatures can achieve a much greater longevity, and have been known to have lived for up to 30 years.

Why are river dolphins endangered?

There are only five extant species of river dolphins left in the world today and they are all endangered or critically endangered. This is because pollution, dams, shipping and bycatch have taken their toll on this iconic species.

Why are Tucuxi dolphins endangered?

Risks to the dolphins include fishing net accidents, mercury contamination from illegal gold mining, and the loss of river connectivity due to the construction of hydroelectric plants, Trujillo said. Tucuxi are found in the Amazon River in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.

Why are there pink dolphins?

The coloring is believed to be scar tissue from rough games or fighting over conquests. The brighter the pink, the more attractive the males are to females—at least during mating season, which takes place when the water has receded and males and females are confined to the river channel again.

What causes pink dolphins?

The Amazon pink river dolphin can change its color! The dolphins are actually born gray and slowly turn pink as they age. Male dolphins are strikingly pinker than their female counterparts; the coloration thought to be a product of scar tissue resulting from rough games or fighting over conquests.

How long do Amazon river dolphins live?

30 years old
The Amazon pink river dolphin is the largest and smartest out of the five freshwater species. A full-grown dolphin can grow up to 9 feet (2.7 meters) long, weigh up to 400 pounds (181 kilograms), and live to 30 years old.

How long do common dolphins live?

Orca: 10 – 45 years
Striped dolphin: 55 – 60 yearsPantropical spotted dolphin: 40 yearsShort-finned pilot whale: 45 years

How long do pink river dolphins live?