Are Motegi Traklite wheels good?

Are Motegi Traklite wheels good?

Theres a ****ty brand called “traklite” and then theres the wheel made by Motegi called “traklite” the Motegi’s are very good quality and are forged like your higher end volks etc so they’re plenty strong (stronger then any set of rotas or drags) and suuuper light too. They cost a bit more though.

Is Motegi a good brand?

Their wheels are made for high-end racing enthusiasts, not necessarily for the daily driver, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see Motegi wheels out in the wild. They take great pride in what they do and want to be the very best wheel brand in the racing industry which has gotten them very far.

Are Motegi Traklite forged?

The Motegi Forged MR403 is a Two Piece Forged wheel that features exposed lugs.

Who makes Motegi?

Twin Ring Motegi

Owner Honda
Operator Mobilityland Corporation, Ltd.
Opened August 1997
Construction cost ¥5 billion (44,873,000.00 United States Dollars)
Super Speedway

Are Motegi wheels cast or forged?

Motegi custom aluminum alloy wheels are race-bred to provide the cooling air your high-performance car needs. Available in sizes from 15″ to 20″, they are cast from the highest grade materials to ensure long-lasting performance and benefit from the latest advances in manufacturing technology.

Are Motegi Wheels lightweight?

The Motegi MR131 Traklite is a 5 spoke design, flow form construction, lightweight wheel with TRAKLITE etched in one of the spokes. This wheel is built in popular 5 lug applications in 17 and 18 inch sizes in a Satin Black, Matte Bronze or Silver finish.

Are Motegi wheels forged?

Apart from cast aluminum, Motegi also offers a plethora of monoblock forged, flow formed aluminum, and multi-piece forged center forged barrel wheels. Looking like they were born on the track, Motegi wheels are also regarded to be the most effective way to make any vehicle look luxurious, respectable, and timeless.

Are Motegi wheels lightweight?