Are Warby Parker sunglasses worth it?

Are Warby Parker sunglasses worth it?

Warby Parkers aren’t cheap. But plenty are going to say that between the style, polarized lenses, and the free shipping & returns, they’re worth it. Just don’t order a pair without, y’know, checking out the sizes first. But if you do, it’s nice to know you won’t get hit for return shipping charges.

How long can you keep Warby Parker glasses?

Return your frames Once your 5 days are up, place your box in the mail with the prepaid return label. Done!

Is Warby Parker a disruptor?

Warby Parker is a four-time CNBC Disruptor 50 company. Sign up for our weekly, original newsletter that goes beyond the annual list, offering a closer look at Disruptor 50 companies and the founders who continue to innovate across every sector of the economy.

What is special about Warby Parker?

Warby Parker was started to create an alternative. By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price.

How many times can you do Warby Parker Home Try-on?

Sure can! Our Home Try-On program allows you to try five frames for five days—all for free.

Is Warby Parker a disruptive innovation?

Warby Parker is an example of successful disruptive innovation, a concept that the Mack Center emphasizes. The company Luxottica has a huge hold on the eyewear market. The company has created a unique niche style.

How has Warby Parker reshaped the eyewear industry?

Since it was founded in 2010, the company has been a pioneer in the digital-first, direct-to-consumer marketing trend that has reshaped retail over the past decade. Even with more than 2 million customers last year, the company estimates it sold corrective lenses to less than 2% of all adults who use them in the US.

How much does a Warby Parker eyeglasses cost?

In addition to single-vision lenses, Warby Parker offers progressive glasses starting at $295 and progressive sunglasses starting at $375. You can also get lenses with prism correction.

How long to test out Warby Parker frames?

Select 5 frames to test out for 5 days and we’ll ship them to you—for free! We’ll mail them to you for free. Try them out for 5 days and see which ones you like. Make it your own by purchasing online and we’ll send you a fresh new pair. Once your 5 days are up, place your box in the mail with the prepaid return label. Done!

What are the different types of Warby Parker frames?

“Warby Parker’s interesting because their customer base is people who are into fashion and don’t want to waste money,” says Clark Howard. Frames are available in up to 13 different colors and five different widths. You can choose from five general shapes including cat-eye, square, round, rectangle and aviator.

What’s the No scratch guarantee at Warby Parker?

This is true for eyewear, accessories and unopened or defective contact lenses. Additionally, there’s a one-year no-scratch guarantee for eyeglasses and sunglass lenses. Warby Parker will replace the scratched lenses for free within the first year.