The business has no words

The business has “no words”…to Those people who still sincerely believe in the power of naming (from the English. Naming) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company, will be interested to know that to choose the “correct” name for the company is becoming increasingly difficult.

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According to the authors of the blog Brand Aid, the creation of the names will never become a business with multimillion turnover. Because to come up with names – very fun and interesting. So far according to most business owners. That is why they prefer to come up with names for their companies and brands. And, unfortunately, not so simple. And, if you chose the sonorous name – a matter of time and patience, then register it is a matter of chance and luck.

Just as experts in the field of SEO sometimes register on hundreds and thousands of “beautiful” domain names in hopes of later selling them for big money, the specialists in naming, register the likely names of the companies. In this way they earn a living. And make, frankly, a lot.

The problem of choosing names for new products has become common for all markets, recognized by marketers and lawyers. “Almost all the contents of the spelling dictionary and even some meowing, barking and howling already belong to someone,” says  President of the branding company Depot WPF Brand & Identity.

The most difficult to come up with a new brand for trading, cosmetics, household chemicals, pharmaceutical, medicine, beverages, ice cream, tea, coffee and sauces, convinced the Director of development, “the Intellectuals of the patent”. This is because a significant part of the marks registered by the producers for a “rainy day” or for resale. “Customers can register the wrong name, which remains free, or buy a more attractive sign from its owner,”.

Companies should always remember that such Superbrand as Samsung or Sony have mediocre names. To achieve success they failed not because the strategy of naming, and through the production of quality products. So if your product has no value for the market, forget about new-fangled developments naming. Only in vain will spend money.