The buzz on the Internet provides a good sale

Internet users in forums and blogs talking about the product even before it was launched – good sales are guaranteed. The best way to initiate this process will be large-scale advertising campaign – this statement contains a joint study of two units of the Nielsen Co. – Nielsen BuzzMetrics, which measures the level of “noise” (word-of-mouth) and ACNielsen Bases involved in the testing of concepts for new products on consumers before they are launched on the market, writes MediaRevolution with reference to AdAge.

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According to Mooth Rob, Vice-President, Bases identified a clear pattern: most of the noise in the Network arose in respect of those goods, which is the best and most extensive “spin”.

One of the goals of the study was to find out how blogs, community centers and other sites where the content is created by users (consumer-generated content) affect the success (or not) the launch of the product. One indicator of the fact that the line noise affects the success of a marketing campaign that emphasizes the Mut is that its peak is usually preceded by growth of sales of the product. Furthermore, the data-line noise can be an important factor in adjusting marketing predictions regarding the success of brand promotion.

In addition to media support to the level of emerging of “hype” was also affected by two other causes. First- was the product of that discussion, is unique. And secondly – how often consumers are going to buy it. In some categories, such as food, drinks and medicines, the hype around a product creates easier, the authors of the study, based on the analysis of the number of mentions of brands on various online forums.

The researchers noted that one of the most talked about blogs of products was recently launched by Coca-Cola drink Coke Zero. But in General, FMGG products in principle do not collect a lot of references on the forums. “Half of new products generally receives a very small number of references,” says Mut. According to him, only 10% of goods get 85% of all the mentions of brands in blogs. Two brand Coke Zero Coca-Cola and a drink for calorie-burning Enviga mentioned in blogs 100 times more than the average product category FMGG.