Can I sync my iPhone to 2 computers?

Can I sync my iPhone to 2 computers?

It isn’t possible to sync an Apple device with two different libraries, however it is possible to sync with the same logical library from multiple computers. Each library has an internal ID and when iTunes connects to your iPod/iPad/iPhone it compares the local ID with the one the device normally syncs with.

How can I sync my iPhone to two computers without deleting everything?

Method 1. Sync iPhone with iTunes via USB Cable

  1. Open iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version.
  2. Click on your device. After clicking on your device, tabs appear on the left side of the iTunes window under Settings.
  3. Turn on syncing.
  4. Sync your content.

Can iTunes backup multiple devices?

Answer: A: You can sync and backup multiple devices via iTunes. All backups are identified with regard to the names given to the devices.

How do I sync iTunes on multiple computers?

Using Home Sharing

  1. Ensure that both computers are on the same network.
  2. Go to the first computer, which is hosting the files you want to sync.
  3. Enter the Apple ID and password you use to purchase media from the iTunes on this computer.
  4. Go to the second computer.
  5. Click the “Advanced” menu and select “Turn on Home Sharing.”

How do I connect my iPhone to a different computer?


  1. Open iTunes on the new computer and click on the “Store” menu.
  2. Enter the Apple ID and password for the account authorized for use with your iPhone.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your computer and select “Erase and Sync” or “Transfer Purchases” (See Tips).

How do I put music on my iPhone from another computer without deleting everything?

Follow these steps to manually manage music and videos on your iPhone:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your first computer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Select the iPhone using the Device menu in the top-left.
  4. Click the Summary option and select Manually Manage Music and Videos.
  5. Click Apply.

How do you backup multiple iPhones on iTunes?

Storing multiple backups On your Mac, you can create a backup, archive that backup, and then create another backup. You can create as many backups as you want so long as you have space on your hard drive. To archive backups, click Manage Backups in the Finder window, then right-click on a backup and choose Archive.

How do I backup a second iPhone on iTunes?

Connect iPhone to computer, start iTunes, right click device in device pane, select backup. The backup will reflect the name of the device. Make sure that automatic syncing is turned off before you connect. Unless you are backing up to iCloud, it is automatically backed up when you sync.

Can you back up your iPhone to your computer?

Back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in iTunes on PC. Backing up means copying certain files and settings from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer. Backing up is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t lose the information on your device if it’s damaged or misplaced.

Can You sync your iPhone to 2 different computers?

Having two or more than 2 computers can surely be an exciting experience, but if you are an Apple iPhone user, then this excitement will soon fade away when you try to sync your device with these 2 different PCs. Apple does not allow the users to sync their iOS devices to iTunes library on multiple computers.

Can you backup your Mac to your computer?

On a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, or a Windows PC, you can use iTunes to make a backup of your device using your computer. Syncing your device with your computer isn’t the same as making a backup. A backup from a computer includes nearly all of your device’s data and settings.

How do I save an iTunes backup on my computer?

If you want to save a specific backup, in iTunes, open Preferences (from the box in the top left or the dit menu on a Windows PC, or form the iTunes Menu Bar on a Mac) click on the devices tab, then right click (or control+click on a Mac) on the backup you wish to save, then select Archive.