Can I use a SDR on a Chromebook?

Can I use a SDR on a Chromebook?

A new RTL-SDR Radio Receiver app for Chrome has been released. The source code can be viewed at GitHub. The app is currently capable of receiving broadcast FM stations and scanning between them. To run this app you will need to have the Chrome web browser installed or be running a Chromebook laptop.

Do Chromebooks have FM receivers?

Receive and listen to FM and AM radio broadcasts on your browser or ChromeBook using an RTL2832U-based USB digital TV tuner. This application captures radio signals from the tuner, does FM and AM demodulation in the browser, and plays them through your computer’s speakers or headphones.

How can I listen to FM radio on my Chromebook?

Chromebook: Listen to a Radio Station

  1. Click the Listen Now link on the top-left of the Google Play Music window.
  2. Specify the song, album, or artist on which your radio station will be based.

What is a radio receiver?

In radio communications, a radio receiver, also known as a receiver, a wireless, or simply a radio, is an electronic device that receives radio waves and converts the information carried by them to a usable form. It is used with an antenna.

Is SDR console free?

SDR-Console V3 Beta Now Released: Console Server Now Available. SDR-Console V3 is the latest in the line of the free SDR-Console software packages from developed Simon Brown. SDR-Console is a general purpose SDR program similar to other software like SDR#, HDSDR and SDRUno.

What do I need for SDR radio?

You basically need three components for this.

  1. SDR.
  2. Antenna(s)
  3. Computer Running SDR Software.

How does a radio receiver work?

A radio receiver is the opposite of a radio transmitter. It uses an antenna to capture radio waves, processes those waves to extract only those waves that are vibrating at the desired frequency, extracts the audio signals that were added to those waves, amplifies the audio signals, and finally plays them on a speaker.

How do I set up a SDR server?

Server: Setting up SpyServer on Windows

  1. Log on to the Windows PC that you want to be the remote server.
  2. Go to and download the latest version zip file of SDR#.
  3. Run the install-rtlsdr.
  4. In the SDR# folder find the file spyserver.
  5. Edit the ‘device_type’ line to show ‘device_type = RTL-SDR’.

Are there any plugins that control SDR #?

This plugin makes SDR# (SDRSharp) appear to other programs as a transceiver, specifically it emulates a Kenwood TS-2000. 3rd-party plugins can control SDR# Frequency and/or Mode. Control your SDR# from WSJT-X, HDSDR and others… Use a virtual serial port like com0com, be sure the com ports you create begin with COM or com.

What can I do with hdsdr for Windows?

HDSDR is a freeware Software Defined Radio (SDR) program for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Typical applications are Radio listening, Ham Radio, SWL, Radio Astronomy, NDB-hunting and Spectrum analysis. HDSDR (former WinradHD) is an advanced version of Winrad, written by Alberto di Bene (I2PHD).

Which is the modified baseband recording plugin for SDR?

Modified Baseband Recording Plugin An enhanced version of the recording plugin that comes standard with all SDR# installations. Adds a scheduler, a feature to record only when there is a signal, select samplerate, and choose file output location.

Which is the best sdrplay plugin for sdruno?

This Contour Shuttle Plugin gives you the ability to control your SDRuno application with your own shuttle device. This plugin works with the Contour Shuttle Express, Pro and Pro V2. It’s now included with the latest SDRplay community plugins download