Can you bury pro flex gas line?

Can you bury pro flex gas line?

The flexible systems of the Pro-Flex CSST gas line can be used underground when transported in a water-proof, non-metallic pipeline.

Can you overtighten CSST fitting?

Be careful to not overtighten the roller as it could flatten the HOME-FLEX® tubing. pipe jacket back 2 valleys from the end of the tubing. DO NOT USE A TUBE CUTTER FOR THIS TASK AS IT COULD DAMAGE THE TUBING.

Does CSST need to be bonded?

The CSST must be permanently bonded directly to the grounding electrode system of the electrical service of the home in which the CSST is installed. The following highlights the various steps, hardware and practices needed to successfully bond and inspect the CSST gas piping system.

Does flexible gas line need to be grounded?

CSST flexible gas piping must be bonded to reduce the risk of damage due to a lightning strike on the home.

Can Gastite be used underground?

For installations buried underground, concrete, asphalt or embedded in concrete, Gastite flexible gas piping must be routed in a non-metallic watertight conduit, which has an inside diameter at least 1/2 inch larger than the outside diameter of the tubing. No mechanical joints are permitted within the conduit.

What are the installation instructions for Pro flex?

In addition, the installation instructions as precribed by Pro-Flex, LLC must be followed. Special attention must be given to the proper design, installation, testing and use of the gas piping. Sound engineering principles and practices must be exercised as well as diligent adherence to the proper installation procedures.

Can you use flak jackettm with pro flex tubing?

However, Pro-Flex Fittings are only to be used with Pro-Flex® and Flak JacketTM CSST tubing. Inter-connection of tubing and fittings with other CSST brands is prohibited! •For underground burial and embedded in concrete, (CSST) flexible gas piping must be routed within a non-metallic, water tight conduit.

Where to place Proflex 96 well sample block?

Place the block (ProFlex 96-Well Sample Block or ProFlex 3×32-Well Sample Block) on top of the ProFlex Base module with the latching mechanism positioned to the right hand side. Figure 5 Latching mechanism during installation 7. Push the latching mechanism all the way to the left to secure the block onto the base.

What are the safety guidelines for the Proflex PCr system?

Pub. No. 4483807 Rev. G Note: For safety and biohazard guidelines, see the “Safety” appendix in the ProFlex™PCR System User Guide(Pub. No. MAN0007697). Read the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and follow the handling instructions. Wear appropriate protective eyewear, clothing, and gloves.