Can you get blue contact lenses?

Can you get blue contact lenses?

Blue Contact Lenses. Blue eyes are rarer than brown, so are a popular choice for coloured contact lenses. The leading brands of coloured contacts all have shades of blue, including FreshLook Colorblends and Air Optix Colors, so there’s plenty to choose from.

What is the cost of blue contact lens?

Blue Contact Lenses Price list in India (October 2021)

Contact Lenses NAME PRICE
Aryan Aryan 3 Tone Blue Yearly Contact Lens (-1.75, Blue, Pack of 2) Rs.1,599
Cuteyes Carribean Blue Monthly Contact Lens (0, Blue, Pack of 1) Rs.599
Aquasoft Fresheyes Monthly Contact Lens (-6.00, Clear, Pack of 6) Rs.445

Why is my contact lens blue?

Opaque Contact Lenses ” change” the natural color of the eye. For example, opaque contact lenses allow people with dark eyes to have a completely different eye color (e.g., these lenses can change your brown eyes to blue). Opaque contact lenses are also referred to as “eye color changing” contact lenses.

Can brown eyes wear blue contacts?

Blue contact lenses will work on brown eyes if they are vibrant enough. Depending on the lens and the particular shade of blue, the shade of blue will look different. For an equally vibrant, but more natural and blended look, opt for FreshLook Colorblends in Brilliant Blue or True Sapphire.

How much is the cost of contact lenses?

They range from around Rs. 300 to Rs. 2500, depending on your requirements. The decision whether you wish to buy daily or monthly contact lenses is a personal one as it is related to your eye condition, budget, and lifestyle.

Is blue lens good for eyes?

The cornea and lens block UV rays from reaching the back of the eye (the retina). Blue light passes through these structures and can reach the retina. Blue light exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration and does contribute to digital eye strain.

What are the best color contact lenses?

If you have darker skin or warmer skin tones with yellow or golden undertones, then the most suitable colored contact lenses are hazel, honey, green or light brown. Alternatively, for people with cooler skin tones that have bluish undertones, the most popular eye color contact lenses are violet and blue.

What are the best color contacts for blue eyes?

Black is the best color that you can use, if you have blue eyes. It is recommended that one does not use any cheap colored contacts as they might damage your eyes and the surface of the eye. After you have zeroed down on the shade and color of the contacts, then consult your ophthalmologist before making the purchase.

What is the best brand of contacts?

There is no one brand that is best for all wearers. Approximately 90 percent of contact lenses prescribed in the United States each year are soft lenses. Factors that determine the best soft contact lens brand for you include: Base curve.

What is contact lens?

Contact lens. A contact lens, or simply contact, is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye. Contact lenses are ocular prosthetic devices used by over 150 million people worldwide, and they can be worn to correct vision, for cosmetic, or therapeutic reasons.