Can you stay on Frankland Island?

Can you stay on Frankland Island?

Where to stay. While all the Frankland Islands are uninhabited (read: there are no hotels to stay in), camping is only allowed on nearby Russell and High Islands. You can extend your Frankland Islands adventure by booking a transfer with Frankland Island Reef Cruises to your overnight location on Russell Island.

Who owns Frankland Island?

The Falkland Islands are a self-governing British Overseas Territory. Under the 2009 Constitution, the islands have full internal self-government; the UK is responsible for foreign affairs, retaining the power “to protect UK interests and to ensure the overall good governance of the territory”.

What is there to do on Franklin island?

We also have the flexibility to take you to several of the offshore fringing reefs, for our adventure snorkel safari and scuba diving tours. Our guided island walk is a must-do! Join our marine naturalists for an informative and fascinating exploration of the island’s rock pools, birdlife and lush tropical vegetation.

Where are the frankland islands?

The Frankland Island Group are located 45 kilometres south of Cairns and are an untouched North Queensland treasure.

How do I get to Michaelmas Cay?

Michaelmas Cay is located 40 kilometers North-East of Cairns. Daily access to Michaelmas Cay is by commercial reef day tours or private boats. No overnight camping is permitted on this Great Barrier Reef coral cay island at all.

What is the capital of Franklin Islands?

The capital and major town is Stanley, on East Falkland; there are also several scattered small settlements as well as a Royal Air Force base that is located at Mount Pleasant, some 35 miles (56 km) southwest of Stanley.

Can you fish Frankland Islands?

Early in the 20th century, the Frankland Islands became a popular fishing and boating destination for local people. A lighthouse was built on Russell Island in 1929 and the island became a Commonwealth island.

Can you camp on Franklin Island?

Franklin is accessible from Snug Harbour, offers classic Georgian Bay scenery from the visible metamorphic rocks, and wind twisted pines to large vistas of snow and ice. There are loads of camping sites and privacy should never be an issue during the winter. (You’ll be lucky to see anyone exploring the island.)

How do I get from Cairns to Green Island?

The Green Island Ferry departs Cairns 3 times daily. Your journey to Great Island takes only 45 minutes. Select from the transfer only option or include snorkeling and glass bottom boat for your Green Island experience.