Can you transfer Office 2013 from one computer to another?

Can you transfer Office 2013 from one computer to another?

Office 2013 users can now legally transfer their license if they buy a new computer or their current one breaks down. Now Office 2013 customers can move the software and license to another PC once every 90 days.

How do I transfer Microsoft Office 2013 to another computer without product key?

Transfer Office 2013 without a product key

  1. Extract – Find your product key for Office 2013, Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, Office 365 University.
  2. Install Office from your account page.
  3. Install Office 2013 from a disc.
  4. Renew your subscription with a product key.

How do I transfer my Office 2013 license to another account?

AFIK there is no way of transferring Office to a different account. The only way I’ve heard of “transferring” Office 2013/365 is to call MS Support. Get them to issue you a new Product Key and cancel the existing product key. The trick is finding someone at MS Support who is willing to do this for you.

How do I transfer Microsoft Office to my new computer?

Method 1: Transfer Microsoft Office To Another Computer with Office 365 Subscription

  1. Step 1: Deactivate the subscription on your old computer.
  2. Step 2: Install MS Office on your new computer.
  3. Step 3: Authenticate your Office 365 subscription.
  4. Step 1: Check the license type of MS Office.

Where is my Office 2013 product key?

Once you have the last five digits, you can then back track the full key using the last five digits by contacting Microsoft….Office 2010 & Office 2013.

Windows (32-bit)
Office 2013 (32-bit) cscript “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\OSPP.VBS” /dstatus

How do I remove Office 2013 license from my computer?

You can uninstall Office by doing the following: o Office 365 Home Premium: Go to and then, in the Current PC Installs section, click deactivate. Then, to remove Office entirely, go to your PC’s Control Panel and uninstall it.

How do I find the Microsoft Office product key on my computer?

Here’s how to view your product key in the Microsoft Store: Go to In the upper right-hand corner, select Sign in and enter the user ID and password you used to buy Office. After you sign in, select your name in the upper right-hand corner, and then select Order History.

How do you transfer Microsoft Office license to another computer?

Here’s a quick guide on how to transfer your Microsoft Office license to another computer: Uninstall the Office installation from your current computer. Move over to your new computer and make sure it doesn’t have a limited free trial copy of Office installed. Install the Office suite associated with your license via CD or other installation media.

Is it possible to transfer Microsoft Office?

The answer is – It DEPENDS. 1. If you own a full retail version of Office, then you can transfer it by uninstalling from the old computer and moving it to the new one. You might have to call to get the software activated… Aug 28 2019

How do you copy from one computer to another?

There are a variety of ways to transfer files from one computer to another. Although you can’t transfer files directly across a USB cable, one of the simplest ways to move files between PCs or Macs is by plugging a USB drive or external hard drive into one computer and copying the files to the drive.