The best and freshest advices on writing advertising promotional materials

Provocative content

Provocative content – these are advertising materials that violate the public foundations. This includes illustrations with erotic overtones, elements of black humor, puns on the verge of decency and everything that breaks our habitual notions of “normal advertising”. The reason for the appearance of such materials is understandable: today people are increasingly ignoring advertising. Today […]

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Way or purpose: why do freelancers burn out?

Have you ever noticed a thing like this: like I bought some cool new thing, I was glad for a few days, and then everything was used? Happened the same? This happens to everyone. The name is a hedonistic adaptation. Man is a complex being, and therefore he simply does not know how long to […]

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11 ways of self-reading texts

There is such an aphorism “The paper will endure all”, it is attributed to Cicero and dates back to the I century BC. Since then, two thousand years have passed, but some authors still follow this principle when writing texts. Of course, the paper will endure everything. This is an inanimate object, which absolutely does […]

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5 variants of the commercial offer on one page

Disputes about the length of the commercial proposal, and indeed of the texts, continue not for the first decade. There are authors who believe that the commercial proposal should be made on the principle of “not to go twice”. In this document there is literally everything. For example, this is the leader’s parting word, sweet […]

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How to write a text for private specialist services?

When it comes to the services of the company, the person working on the compilation of the text has such an “emotional airbag”. It’s like a process of interacting with a sales manager client, behind whom is the powerful support of the whole team. Otherwise the situation is with the text for the service of […]

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Is the copywriting profession suitable for you?

You decided to try your hand at becoming a copywriter, but do not know if the copywriter profession is right for you? First you need to decide what you need it for. The reason is the first – you want to make money, and quickly and a lot. If this is so, then you can […]

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Key skills for maketing copywriters Part 2

Understanding of user-experience Copywriting is a lot more than placing phrases onto a display. These phrases show someplace – on the cellular gadget up, inside a theme that is website, on Fb, in Twitter , that backup needs to match within electronic framework and its intellectual. Scenario and that framework that impact the backup is […]

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Key skills for maketing copywriters Part 1

It was previously that there was a good author whatever you needed seriously to operate a content-marketing strategy. Create several blogs. Submit. Amazing. Occasions have improved. How essential is copywriting? Content-marketing is just a huge business nowadays. Authors are just one-part of the advertising pressure that is composite that content-marketing that is effective demands. CMI’s […]

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How to Compose a Report to a Supervisor

Point 1 Consult with your superior concerning a correct format of all future reports. The majority of bosses wish only a brief page with the inclusion of several bullet points when all others demand to provide a discussion concerning every issue in details. In the meantime, ask exactly how your boss wishes the given report […]

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