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Myths about advertising effectiveness

One is, of course, is remembered much better than the other. But what she remembered, does it mean that it also successful? Below are 10 myths about advertising that you believe most people. Marketers are also exposed to these myths when you rely on your own experience or casual observation instead of survey results. Advertising […]

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The list of important about viral marketing issues

About viral marketing written many and various. Emanuel Rosen, Vice President of marketing for Niles Software, the author of the bestseller “The Anatomy of Buzz”, even offered a list of answers to the issues you may face when promoting a product or service to market using viral marketing. The list of issues that makes life […]

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How the advertiser reaches consumers

Advertising of all types and varieties so often trying to get into the consciousness of the ordinary citizen that the majority of people have already managed to produce quite natural options to ignore any advertising message. That is, we see them, but not perceived and not remembered. However, obviously, advertisers do not agree to their […]

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Creative advertising from the employer

A time when billboards were possible to find only advertising products or services of different companies, or more rarely social advertising is long gone. Today the market of billboards facing employers. So, according to management set up three billboards 3 × 6 m. they depict three heads who are invited for the work of designers. […]

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How to get more recommendations from your customers

How to get more recommendations from your CLSA sales tools there are few those that can match the efficiency with client reviews and recommendations. It’s easy, free, and powerful tool. However, for some reason, many companies are not in a hurry to use it. After all, ask for a recommendation is easy. Ray Silverstein, President […]

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Who does it really affect customer loyalty?

Who does it really affect customer loyalty?Among the experts in loyalty and building relationships with customers prevails a well-established point of view – any loyalty appears only in the interaction of the client and the company. Even the brightest brand and attractive promotional offer are not able to transform ordinary customer loyalty, if they are […]

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If you already promoted, do it original

If you already promoted, do it original! Modern society is so fed up with is that the vast majority of its representatives have developed a natural immunity to the latter. Still, if we really read the information from all billboards, walls subway advertising pages in Newspapers and magazines, sought out the banners on the Internet […]

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Headers mean everything

Headlines decide over David Ogilvy, there was a lot of ideological opponents. Perhaps the following remarks of guru advertising on the headers will cause doubt or even indignation in some people. However, every word is true, confirmed by experience, according to the blog “Secrets of marketing”. Titles read five times as many readers than the […]

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The long road to creativity

The road to creativity with the Internet has recently launched an interesting new project – an international online platform Boot B that allows you to sell and buy services for the creation of a creative in the advertising industry. The aim of the project to a private company Boot is to help gifted people to […]

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