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Marketing hypnosis has become a powerful weapon

And we are not forced to quack like a duck? Did you know that “Volvo is a car for old men”? This unexpected side of a famous Swedish brand marketers, the company helped open a hypnotist. In conventional focus groups consumers regularly repeated mantra, murdered in their poor heads commercials: “Volvo is safety.” However, it […]

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Good product, bad brand

Good product, bad brand!In previous entries we have already mentioned the blog of Laura rice – one of the most famous world experts in the field of branding – The Origin of Brands Blog. In it, Laura shares her thoughts and discoveries concerning the world’s leading brands, and sometimes quite interesting predictions about the future […]

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Honest real estate agency. Is it possible?

Honest real estate Agency? And this possible this post I want to give you some interesting stories Martin Lindstrom, one of the world’s most respected experts in the field of branding, about a British network, which was engaged in sale of real estate. A few years ago in the sale of houses and apartments, the […]

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Maybe it is time to slow down

Limit the speed! Maybe it’s time to slow down fundamental changes in the business environment, not always acceleration to maximum speed is the best strategy. Seth Godin talks about our willingness to be sensitive to the perception of those radical changes that are still happening almost imperceptibly, but rapidly change the markets in the coming years. […]

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How to properly represent your brand

I want Rozova properly represent your brand in the new, information economy and the continuous growth of the role of social media? Amber Naslund talks about the importance of the format of the story for the development of relations with the client. You make interesting figures to which you refer. Not the name, not the […]

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Sales secrets from magicians

Strategies of revenue entrepreneurs, from focusness may discover a great deal . They only have to realize although he attempts so difficult to check out them the illusionists encompass guy around her hand. Roger Dooley, Vice President, improvement of social networks within the Hobsons, in his website Neuromarketing provides many types of how magicians change […]

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How to attract customers

How to attract customers? When creating the advertising message – it is very important to do them correctly. Their sole purpose: to efficiently perform its main function – to attract customers. This is not an easy task as it might seem at first glance. And if you look at a lot of different ads from […]

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MBA Essay Tips

When you know that you are going to apply to one of numerous business schools or even several schools, you can start preparing. Hold a notebook and write down every interesting thing that occurs to you. Conversations with friends, lectures, and review reports, business trip experience, or an exciting book – one of these things […]

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Bad advices to advertisers

Bad advice is to spend time and advertising budget to cover their advertising message to the maximum audience? After all, they do not always want to go on about the bloodthirsty advertisers, who dream only of big budgets and the festival of the victory. Do ads only when sales are growing! To do advertising when […]

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