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All you need to know about pseudo brands

Who and why pseudo modern brendita that in the minds of people, certain countries are associated with specific types of products. For example, we know that the best cars in Germany, there’s also brew the best beer and the best wine is made, of course, in France. When choosing a product at the supermarket, subject […]

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Marketing is about what?

Marketing is about what? Recently, at the exhibition REX heard the following phrase: “Marketing is about arrogance; if you do not know, I will tell you this”. Phrase thrown into the audience (of mostly students) leading some of the conference, the title of which clearly did not coincide with its contents. This expression for some reason […]

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Success – the result of persistence

Success – the result of persistence (case Kenneth Cole). All successful people have one thing in common – persistence and an overwhelming desire to obtain the desired resource even when it is not. About this simple truth, probably heard by many. But recently my eye caught a very interesting case Kenneth Cole – production premium […]

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Brands and stereotypes

Brand, in my opinion stereotyping – the policy of a weak and incompetent businessman… Creativity – what is it? How and who determines it? (“wow” and “wow” is not considered). What good is creativity? Focus groups (in depth interviews) – some marketing companies believe this research method main, and even it builds the strategy of […]

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Marketing after the recession

Marketing after the recession phase of economic development will change people’s buying habits. Professor Harvard business school John Quelch recently published its views on how marketers should prepare for interaction with clients after the crisis ends. Congratulations! Your business is experiencing a recession. You have made all necessary settings, lost all distributors who do not […]

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Distracting and voluntary marketing

Two methods for getting wedded, or voluntary advertising and Annoying allow Seth Godin in his guide Authorization Advertising provides the many apparent methods to evaluate the job of experts and voluntary annoying advertising would be to attract on an example with relationship. This process shows that one concept is worked better than by the submission […]

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Marketing is bad?

Marketing is bad? The marketing works. Provided cost time and money (professionally), can tell a story that spreads, affects people and changes their behavior. Marketing can get people to buy something which they would not have bought under other circumstances, to vote for people without marketing nobody would know, and maintain organizations that would be […]

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Ignore those who criticize you

Pay no attention to those who criticize social media correctly means to save efforts and properly allocate your time. Often our emotional preferences can even hinder quality of the brand and long-term effect of PR. It is necessary to clearly determine which people “waste time”. Seth Godin in his next post reflects on the correct […]

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