Did Hans Holbein have a family?

Did Hans Holbein have a family?

Hans Holbein the Elder
Philipp Holbein IAmbrosius HolbeinPhilipp Holbein IIElsbeth Binzenstock
Hans Holbein the Younger/Family

Did Hans Holbein the Younger have a wife?

He also married Elsbeth Binzentock, a widow a few years older, who already had an infant son; they had a further four children together. Between 1520 and 1524, Holbein’s success in Basel grew with him producing murals, religious paintings, designs for stained glass and book illustrations.

Who owns the ambassadors painting?

Hans Holbein the Younger
The Ambassadors is a painting of 1533 by Hans Holbein the Younger. Also known as Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve, it was created in the Tudor period, in the same year Elizabeth I was born….The Ambassadors (Holbein)

The Ambassadors
Artist Hans Holbein the Younger
Year 1533
Medium Oil on oak
Dimensions 207 cm × 209.5 cm (81 in × 82.5 in)

What happened to Holbein?

He died in a London plague epidemic in 1543. It is estimated that during the last 10 years of his life Holbein executed approximately 150 portraits, life-size and miniature, of royalty and nobility alike.

Where is the ambassadors painting located?

The National Gallery
The Ambassadors/Locations

Is the ambassadors painting religious?

Holbein painted “The Ambassadors” during a particularly tense period marked by rivalries between the Kings of England and France, the Roman Emperor, and the Pope. The religious and political strife was reflected symbolically in the details of the painting.

Who was Thomas Moores wife?

Alice Morem. 1511–1535
Jane Coltm. 1505–1511
Thomas More/Wife

Who was Thomas Moore married to?

Thomas More/Spouse

Why did Holbein leave Basel?

By 1526 severe iconoclastic riots and strict censorship of the press swept over the city. This caused, for the moment at least, a “freezing” of the arts. Because of this, Holbein left Basel late in 1526, with a letter of introduction from Erasmus, to travel to the Netherlands to England.

Why did Holbein end up leaving England?

By 1526 severe iconoclastic riots and strict censorship of the press swept over the city. In the face of what, for the moment at least, amounted to a freezing of the arts, Holbein left Basel late in 1526, with a letter of introduction from Erasmus, to travel by way of the Netherlands to England.

Who was Hans Holbein and what did he do?

Holbein was a German and Swiss artist who traveled to England in 1526 and was welcomed into the humanist circle of Thomas More, where he quickly built a high reputation. Later, he also worked under the patronage of Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell. By 1535, he was King’s Painter to King Henry VIII.

Who are the ambassadors by Hans Holbein the younger?

“The Ambassadors” by Hans Holbein the Younger is a masterpiece of grand size but highly detailed and full of symbolism. Created in the Tudor Period in the same year Elizabeth I was born, this double portrait depicts two wealthy, educated and powerful men. On the left is Jean de Dinteville, French ambassador to England.

How tall is the artist Hans Holbein the younger?

The Ambassadors Title: The Ambassadors Artist: Hans Holbein the Younger Created: 1533 Medium: Oil on oak Dimensions: Length: 209.5 cm (82.5 in). Height: 207 cm (81.5 in). Museum: The National Gallery, London

Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury that Hans Holbein painted?

Among his commissions was the portrait of William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, who owned a Holbein portrait of Erasmus. Holbein also painted the Bavarian astronomer and mathematician Nicholas Kratzer, a tutor of the More family whose notes appear on Holbein’s sketch for their group portrait.