Does a MSD Blaster 2 coil need a ballast resistor?

Does a MSD Blaster 2 coil need a ballast resistor?

This Blaster Coil is supplied with a ballast resistor. If your application uses a points distributor, the ballast must be used. Late-model electronic ignitions or an MSD Ignition do not require the ballast….Features:

Brand MSD
Product Type Coil
Secondary Resistance 4.5K OHMs
Spark duration 350 uS
Turns Ratio 100:1

How do I test my MSD Blaster coil?

“To test your Blaster 2 coil you can check the Primary and Secondary resistance with a volt meter. Your primary resistance that is measured across the positive of the coil and you should get a reading of . 7 ohms. The secondary resistance between the negitive coil and the center of the tower should be 4.7k ohms.

Does MSD coils need a ballast resistor?

Basically you need to have a ballast resistor on your setup thats why MSD has it in there instructions. The resistor is so you dont blow up the coil when the power is on. Doesnt matter points or electronic. Yes points need a little more resistance so there resistor has more ohms.

Do all ignition coils need a ballast resistor?

All cars produced with breaker-points type ignition generally had a resistor of some sort in their ignition system. And while ignition coil life may be compromised without a resistor, the additional secondary voltage (at the spark plug) is increased which generally improves power.

What makes the MSD coil operate at the high end?

Sounds like too much wasted energy, which makes the coil operate at the high end. Gaz64, thanks for your reply, still waiting for MSD to reply. You might have the smoking gun, I do have an adjustable MSD rotor, but never used it and just used the regular one. How would I check rotor phasing?

How long did it take to run the MSD 6AL rod?

The rod run took about 1 ½ hours to complete, during this time the MSD 6AL and Blaster 8202 coil were both too hot to hold onto. I let them both cool down and the next day we didn’t drive the day and just parked it to show it.

Where was the first Blaster SS 8207 coil overheated?

The first coil that overheated was a Blaster SS 8207 which was installed on the underneath my dash with the fins pointed down to the floor.