Does Florida Blue own Sanitas?

Does Florida Blue own Sanitas?

Florida Blue, which opened its 23rd Sanitas Center in Orlando earlier this month, is now serving 200,000 health plan enrollees primarily in south Florida and the Orlando market. The centers will be owned via a joint venture of Sanitas and HCSC Ventures, which is a part of Health Care Services Corp.

Who is the owner of Sanitas?

As the CEO of Sanitas Tennessee, Peter G. Santostefano provides strategic leadership and management for all areas of Sanitas. Peter has over 30 years of experience in administration within the healthcare delivery system.

Where is Sanitas from?

AB “Sanitas” is one of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical companies in Lithuania. The company produces and markets non-proprietary medicinal products – injection preparations, tablets, capsules, eye drops.

How do I create a Sanitas account?

Sign up for the Sanitas customer portal & Portal app

  1. Create your personal customer portal account below.
  2. Accept the contractual terms of agreement.
  3. Confirm your identity online or offline by post.
  4. Log in to the customer portal.

Is Sanitas Healthcare good?

Excellent service The service I’ve received from Sanitas has been excellent. Diana has been incredibly helpful and patient with my requests and questions, and I’m very grateful for her assistance in navigating the healthcare cover required for residency.

What does Sanitas mean in English?

health, soundness of body. sanity, soundness of mind.

Is Sanitas a Spanish company?

Sanitas is Spain’s largest & fastest growing medical insurance company.

What type of insurance is Sanitas?

What does this type of insurance comprise? Comprehensive healthcare product with access to all specialities and hospitalisation. In this insurance modality the cover is provided exclusively through the Sanitas medical chart. The medical chart is the list of professionals and medical centres that the Insured can access.

Who is the CEO of Sanitas Medical Center?

Fernando Fonseca, M.D. With more than 25 years of health care experience with Colombia-based Organización Sanitas Internacional (OSI), Fernando is the CEO of GuideWell Sanitas—the newly formed joint venture that owns and operates Sanitas medical centers.

What does Carlos do at Sanitas Medical Center?

Carlos is responsible for all facets of the company’s clinical operations including the expansion of new locations as well as the design, development and implementation of clinical guidelines to ensure safety, quality and efficiency objectives are incorporated into the clinical workflow and patient experience.

Who is the director of information technology for Sanitas?

Henry Sanchez. As the Director of Information Technology for Sanitas in the United States, Henry provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment for the organization.

Why are Sanitas and bcbstx so important?

By bringing health care directly to patients and consumers, Mark sees the Sanitas/BCBSTX collaboration as a way to remove barriers that prevent patients from accessing care, while still providing the highest quality for working families.