Does Jane and Billy end up together?

Does Jane and Billy end up together?

Billy would do anything for Jane, including protecting her and helping her pull off her double-life….

Billy Nutter
Family Tommy Nutter (brother)
Romances Lulu Pope (ex-girlfriend) Jane Quimby (best friend and love of his life) Zoe Mendez (girlfriend)
Friends Jane

Who is the mole in Jane By Design?

Now with Ben knowing what is going on with Jane’s other life, he demands that she quit. It is revealed that Jeremy is the mole working for Beau, stealing the designs from Donovan Decker. However, India is wrongfully accused by Jane of being the mole, Gray overhears this and fires India on the spot.

Who is Jane’s mom in Jane By Design?

Kate Quimby is Ben and Jane’s mother.

Will there be a season 2 of Jane By Design?

Jane By Design: Cancelled; No Season Two. It looked like the fate of Jane By Design could go either way but ABC Family has now decided to cancel the TV series. The drama ran for one season of 18 episodes. Jane By Design tells the tale of a quirky teenager who has a unique fashion sense.

How many seasons of Jane By Design are there?

Jane by Design/Number of seasons

How many episodes of Jane by design are there?

She has to juggle between two secret lives: one in high school, and one in high fashion . ABC Family greenlit the series in April 2011 with a ten-episode order.

Who is Jane Quimby in Jane by design?

The series follows the life of Jane Quimby ( Erica Dasher ), a teenager who is mistaken for an adult, as she finally gets her fashion dream job working with a world-famous designer, Gray Chandler Murray ( Andie MacDowell ). She has to juggle between two secret lives: one in high school, and one in high fashion .

Who was the mole in Jane by design?

He has been shown to like Jane. He was seeing India, but later broke it off after she stole Jane’s wedding gown design. In the mid-season finale “The End of the Line”, it was revealed that Jeremy was the mole hired by Beau Bronn to steal Donovan Decker’s designs.

Who is Gray Chandler Murray in Jane by design?

Andie MacDowell as Gray Chandler Murray, a world-famous fashion designer at Donovan Decker, and Jane’s boss. She’s very strict and straightforward, and is certain India wants to steal her job. Although she is defined as a heartless woman, she does acknowledge Jane’s value as her assistant on occasion.