Does Jet Li have two wives?

Does Jet Li have two wives?

Nina Li Chi is actually Jet Li’s second wife When Nina Li Chi and Jet Li met in 1989, he was still married to a different Chinese actress, Huang Qiuyan. Qiuyan and Jet Li were only married for three years before divorcing, but their story is definitely worth mentioning.

Who is Jet Lis wife?

Nina Li Chim. 1999
Huang Qiu-yanm. 1987–1990
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How did Jet Li meet his wife?

The couple first met on the set of the 1989 movie Dragon Fight. The actor was previously married to Chinese actress Huang Qiuyan, with whom he has two daughters.

Is Mulan the daughter of Jet Li?

Jet Li’s 15-year-old daughter convinced him to act in Mulan In his interview Jet, Li also revealed that it was his 15-year-old daughter Jade Li who had convinced him to take up the role in Mulan. When Jet Li’s daughter heard about Mulan she asked him three questions.

Does Jet Lee have a daughter?

Taimi Li
Jane LiJada LiSi Li
Jet Li/Daughters

Who was Jet Li first wife?

Huang Qiuyan

Jet Li
Spouse(s) Huang Qiuyan ​ ​ ( m. 1987; div. 1990)​ Nina Li Chi ​ ( m. 1999)​
Children 4 daughters
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Is jetli sick?

The gongfu star was diagnosed in 2010 with hyperthyroidism, whose symptoms include muscle weakness and sleeping problems. In 2017, Li revealed that even though he was taking medication, the condition “kept coming back”.

Does Jet Li have hypothyroidism?

The 55-year-old star was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, in 2010, a condition that affects metabolism and heart rate. Li first spoke publicly about his illness in 2013, assuring fans he was facing the challenge “head on.” This isn’t the first time fans have worried about Li’s hyperthyroidism.

When did Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan divorce?

In 1987, Li married Beijing Wushu Team member and Kids from Shaolin co-star Huang Qiuyan, with whom he has two daughters, Si and Taimi. They divorced in 1990. In 1999, Li married Nina Li Chi (born Li Zhi), a Shanghai-born, Hong Kong-based actress. He has two daughters with her, Jane (born 2000) and Jada (born 2003).

Who is Jet Li’s wife in real life?

Everything about Jet Li is impressive, and the same might be said about his wife Nina Li Chi, who most people know nothing about. She’s not famous in the United States and has only recently received media attention after Jet Li shared photos of her on hisInstagram, but Nina Li Chi had her own career before settling down with Li.

Who are Jet Li’s kids from Beijing Wushu?

In 1987, Li married Beijing Wushu Team member and Kids from Shaolin co-star Huang Qiuyan, with whom he has two daughters, Si and Taimi.

What are the names of Huang Qiuyan’s daughters?

With his first wife, he had Si and Taimi Li, and with his current wife, he has two girls named Jane and Jada . His first two daughters are in their early thirties, and the other two are in their teenage period of 18 and 20. Huang Qiuyan ex husband Jet Li with his daughters.