Does the Atheon cheese still work?

Does the Atheon cheese still work?

Yes, an Atheon cheese exists, and it doesn’t involve pushing the boss off the map. Atheon is the final boss in the Vault of Glass raid, and this Vex gate lord will probably give newcomers a few headaches. Still, there’s a way to avoid all of the mechanics since you can instantly kill this boss to get your loot.

Can you still get vex Mythoclast If you cheese Atheon?

The Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2 has a chance of dropping after the final encounter in Vault of Glass. Specifically, once you have defeated Atheon, it’s possible the Vex Mythoclast can be part of that encounter’s loot pool.

Did the Atheon cheese get patched?

Destiny Patch Prevents Atheon Cheese, Adds Pumpkin Head Consumable. Bungie has finally released Update You can find the full patch notes below, but the most significant changes affect the Vault of Glass raid.

Does Prometheus lens cheese still work?

The Prometheus Lens cheese for breaking Gatekeeper shields has been fixed as well, so expect to see fewer Prometheus Lenses in raid groups now. Star-Eater Scales is also in the patch notes once again.

Can you push off Atheon?

Destiny 2 Players Might Be Able Push Vault of Glass Raid Boss Atheon Off Ledges Again. Now, on the night before the Vault of Glass raid returns to Destiny 2, Bungie has let Guardians know that a new exploit has been found that allows Guardians to push enemies off of cliffs.

What are the chances of getting vex Mythoclast?

Bungie One of the most frustrating items in Destiny 2, the Vex Mythoclast has an estimated 3% drop rate in Destiny 2. While the exact numbers haven’t been released by Bungie, a study done by Reddit user Pinnkeyy estimates the weapon to have a 3% drop rate over its lifespan.

What does Prometheus lens do?

Prometheus Lens is an Exotic Solar Trace rifle introduced in the Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2. The weapon generates a damage field of intense heat the longer it is fired, and kills return a fraction of ammo spent (Around 1/3).

Where can I buy Prometheus lens?

the Winding Cove
UPDATE: Xur is officially selling Prometheus Lens! Go and find him in the Winding Cove on the EDZ and get this highly coveted Trace Rifle. You have from December 8 until December 12, which is when Xur leaves, to purchase the gun.

Is vex Mythoclast guaranteed?

Vex Mythoclast is one of the most unique weapons in Destiny 2 because you can use it as auto rifle and as linear fusion rifle. However, there is a catch as this weapon can only be obtained from the last boss of Vault of Glass Raid and it is not a guaranteed drop.

Is the Prometheus lens any good?

Prometheus Lens is an underrated PvE Exotic for killing rank and file enemies. This weapon has a Solar beam that grows as you hold down the trigger. It also deals a good bit of damage against weaker majors, making this a fantastic weapon to use as an add-clearing weapon if you’re running a double Special loadout.