Has Alex Ekubo broke up fancy?

Has Alex Ekubo broke up fancy?

Actor Alexx Ekubo has spoken philosophically about the breakup with his fiancee, Fancy Acholonu. It was the first time he would address the breakup, two weeks after the news hit the social media. …

Is Alex Ekubo an Igbo guy?

Early Life & Career Beginnings Alexx Ekubo was born in Portharcourt, River state, Nigeria, to Jane Ekubo, a fashion designer/business woman and Mazi Alex Ekubo, a petroleum marketer. Alexx grew up in several Nigerian cities, owing to his father’s job description. He speaks fluent Hausa & Igbo language.

Is Alexx Ekubo married?

Alexx Ekubo bin announce im engagement with e fiancé for e Instagram account on May 3, 2021. Di 35-year-old Nollywood actor then write wit excitement say; “I ask di love of my life Fancy Acholonu to marry me…”

What happened Victor Olaotan?

Veteran actor Victor Olaotan, best known for his role in the Nigerian TV series ‘Tinsel,’ has died. He was 69-year-old. Olaotan passed away on Thursday night, his wife, Julia confirmed. The actor became incapacitated for five years following a car accident he was involved in, along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway.

Where is Alexx Ekubo from?

Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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Where is Alex Ekubo from in Nigeria?

What tribe is Alex Ekubo from?

Ekubo is a native of Arochukwu, Abia State. He attended the Federal Government College Daura, Katsina State. He studied law at the University of Calabar and later got a diploma in Law from Calabar Polytechnic.

Who is Alex Ekubo wife?

Fancy Acholonu
On 10th of May 2021, Alex Ekubo and his fiancee Fancy Acholonu have announced their wedding dates on Instagram. Their traditional wedding will hold on Saturday, November 20th in Imo State, while the white wedding will take place the next Saturday, November 27th in Lagos State.

Who is Alex Ekubo engaged to?

The hashtag #FalexxForever already created a buzz on social media as the couple were set to wed in November 2021. Just a few months to the marriage between Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo and model, Fancy Acholonu, the couple has called off their engagement.

What killed Victor Olaotan?

August 26, 2021
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Is actor Victor Olaotan dead?

Deceased (1952–2021)
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Was Alex Ekubo born in Nigeria?

April 10, 1986 (age 35 years), Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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