Has there ever been a 99-yard touchdown in the NFL?

Has there ever been a 99-yard touchdown in the NFL?

Longest Passing Touchdown (99 Yards) There have been 13 99-yard passing touchdowns in NFL history, the most recent of which were Eli Manning to Victor Cruz and Tom Brady to Wes Welker during the 2011 season.

Who has a 99-yard touchdown?

Ohio QB Armani Rogers burns Buffalo for 99-yard touchdown run.

What is a return touchdown?

A kickoff returner (KR) is the player on special teams who is primarily responsible for catching the opposing team’s kickoff and attempting to run it towards the end zone to score a touchdown.

How many 99-yard runs have there been in NFL history?

There have been two 99-yard runs. Tony Dorsett did it in 1982 for the Dallas Cowboys, and Tennessee Titans back Derrick Henry ran for 99 yards in 2018. The only other 98-yard run in NFL history was by Ahman Green of the Green Bay Packers in 2003.

Who has the most 99-yard touchdowns in the NFL?

Derrick Henry’s 99-Yard Record TD Run.

What is the longest yard touchdown?

Antonio Cromartie Cromartie was the first player in NFL history to record a 109-yard touchdown. The former Chargers cornerback’s return came at the end of the second half in a 7-7 game against the Vikings. Minnesota kicker Ryan Longwell came on with just seconds remaining in the half to attempt a 58-yard field goal.

Who made the longest touchdown in NFL history?

Randy Moss’ Hurdling 90-Yard Touchdown Flashed His Greatness

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What is it called when a punt is returned for a touchdown?

Both kickoff and punt returns are special teams plays with one team set up as returners and the other as the coverage team. The coverage team kicks the ball downfield and tries to tackle the return man. If they fail to do so and the return man runs it all the way back for a touchdown, it is called a touchdown return.