How are schools in the UK ranked?

How are schools in the UK ranked?

2017 The Daily Telegraph School Ranking

School A/A* or equivalent (%)
1 Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff 91.36
2 The Perse School, Cambridge 86.54
3 Westminster School, Westminster 86.38
4 King’s College School (KCS), Wimbledon 86.21

What are good sixth forms?

Best Sixth Forms in London

  • Brampton College. Brampton College is located in North West London.
  • London Academy Excellence.
  • London Brookes College.
  • King’s Math School.
  • Newham Sixth Form College.
  • Westminster City School.
  • City of London Academy.
  • Albemarle College.

What is the best school in England?

Top 50 Secondary schools in England by Key Stage 5 (A-Level and equivalent) Average Point Score

Rank School Summary
1 King’s College London Maths School 80 Kennington Road, London, SE11 6NJ Last year ranked 2
2 Magdalen College School Cowley Place, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 1DZ Last year ranked 4

Where are the best schools in the UK?

What is the best boarding school in England?

Here are some of the best boarding schools in the United Kingdom – Eton College – It is an independent boys boarding school situated in Eton. Cheltenham Ladies’ College – It is an independent boarding as well as day school for girls aged from 11 to 18.

What are the O levels in England?

O level. Ordinary Level; (in Britain) a matriculation examination in a particular subject that is not sufficient for university entrance, for which A (= Advanced) levels are required.

What is the best state for Education?

A recent study conducted by US News showed the best states for education in the United States. The study relied on numerous measures to come up with its findings. Based on the study, the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Utah were the best, second-best and third-best states for education in the country respectively.

What are the best States for elementary education?

Overall, Wallethub ‘s rankings were somewhat similar to a recent list from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which found the best states for education were Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut.