How can I go to Yadagirigutta from Hyderabad by bus?

How can I go to Yadagirigutta from Hyderabad by bus?

There are plenty of buses from JBS, you’ll almost find a bus at every 30 minutes. Interesting enough is that TSRTC is running Volvo A/C buses (the City Sheetal A/C buses) to Yadagiri. The current charge is Rs. 112 per adult and it just takes around 1 hours to reach Yadagiri.

Are buses running tomorrow in Telangana 2021?

The decision comes after the centre issued the guidelines permitting the state government to run buses within the state. Minister for Transport Puvvada Ajay said that the TSRTC will operate the buses from tomorrow with 50 per cent passenger seats. And sanitizers will be provided for passengers to contain coronavirus.

Are buses running tomorrow in Telangana 2020?

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation buses can run from tomorrow 6am, while following guidelines over COVID-19. Inter-state buses will not be allowed to run to or from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh since the two states have high incidence of coronavirus cases. Hyderabad city buses will also not run.

Is APSRTC buses running?

APSRTC buses can now operate in the state from 6 am to 9 pm. Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation buses have resumed services to the state of Karnataka and are also operating for their respective districts and neighbouring districts in Andhra Pradesh.

How many ways are there to go to Yadagirigutta?

There are 3 ways to get from Hyderabad to Yadagirigutta by train, taxi or car.

In which direction is Hyderabad from Yadadri?

Hyderabad To Yadagirigutta road map Yadagirigutta is located nearly North East side to Hyderabad. The bearing degree from Hyderabad To Yadagirigutta is 64 ° degree. The given North East direction from Hyderabad is only approximate.

Will RTC buses run tomorrow in TS?

Intensive Household Survey: RTC Buses Will Run Tomorrow In Telangana. P. Mahender Reddy, the Transport Minister of Telangana, on Sunday said that there will not be any curtailing of the services by the RTC buses on Tuesday.

Are interstate buses running in Telangana 2021?

With the Telangana government completely lifting the lockdown without any restrictions in place, the Telangana State Road Transport Services (TSRTC) has announced that it will resume its interstate bus services from Monday.

Is buses are running in Telangana?

HYDERABAD: With the lockdown fully lifted in Telangana, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) announced that it would resume inter-State bus services to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra from Monday, while strictly adhering to Covid-19 restrictions in the neighbouring States.

Are buses running in Hyderabad?

The state government has lifted the Covid-19 lockdown from 21st June completely. All public transport services including TSRTC buses will be allowed to operate in the state.

How many km is Yadagirigutta?

Distance Between Hyderabad to Yadagirigutta Is 62 Kms , Duration, Driving Directions & Route Map.

Is there a bus from Bhongir to Yadagirigutta?

@Sunder, From Bhongir Railway staion RTC buses available towards yadagirigutta and also Sharing Autos avaialble. it will drop you at Yadagirigutta Bus stand from there you can take Sharing Auto or RTC bus for Uphill Temple.

Which is the bus route between JBS and RGI Airport?

Hyderabad city bus route no 251J operated by TSRTC, runs between JBS and RGI Airport. This Hyderabad city bus no: 251J runs about 2 trips (one way) every day and covers a total of 56 bus stops during the journey.

Is there a bus from Kondapur to yaadagiri gutta?

First bus from MGBS is at 3.15 AM and last bus at 9.35 PM, in between you can find a bus at every 30 minutes. We need to travel from Kondapur Bus depot to Yaadagiri Gutta. Can you please guide the bus timings and bus number from Kondapur. Also is there any direct bus from Yaadagiri gutta to Kondapur

Where are the pickup points of TSRTC Bus?

Timings : 6:00 – 21:00 Hrs. Pickup Points: MGBS, Afzulgunj, GPO, Nampally,Lakdikapool,Boats Club, Patny SBH, JBS, Tadban, Bowenpally, Suchitra, Kompally X rds, Medchel. Places Covered : Kala Bhairava Temple, Godhavari river Holy bath, Shiva Temple, Basara Saraswati Temple, Veda Vyas caves, Sri Laxmi Narsimha Swamy Temple and Ali Sagar Dam.