How can I solve Tally error?

How can I solve Tally error?

Follow the steps given below, to fix this issue in single user or server machines.

  1. Gateway of Tally > Select company.
  2. Note down the data path from the Directory field.
  3. Close TallyPrime.
  4. Go to My Computer / Network Neighbourhood and enter the data path (for example: C:/TallyData).
  5. Right-click any file.
  6. Select Properties.

How can I recover Tally 7.2 data?

Restoring Tally 7.2 Data

  1. Select Restore 7.2 Backup in the Tally. ERP 9 Data Migration Tool.
  2. Enter the Destination and Source path in the Restore Companies on Disk screen.
  3. Select the company which has to restored from the List of Companies.
  4. Select Yes to Accept restoring the data backup.

How can remove Tally internal error?


  1. Make a note of the capsule number displayed in the error message. For example, 41194-00004.
  2. Close Tally. ERP 9.
  3. Go to the Tally.
  4. Delete the capsule that was displayed in the error message, in the server and client application folders.
  5. Connect to the internet and open Tally.

How can solve Tally prime internal error?

Perform a simple repair process, by following the steps given below.

  1. Open TallyPrime.
  2. Press F1 (Help) > Troubleshooting.
  3. Select Repair > select the company for which the error is appearing.
  4. Set Repair to Yes and Backup to No, and check the data after repair.

Why My Tally is not working?

Check the possibility of splitting the data, if the data volume is high. 5. Ensure that only one instance of Tally application is open while loading the company. If multiple instances of Tally are already open, close all those instances which are idle.

How can solve Tally error Software exception c00005?

Step 1: Edit the Tally. ini Configuration File The ‘Tally. ini’ file is in Tally directory. Save the file, close and start Tally. If Tally starts without issues, then your default company file is corrupted and you will need to carry out repair outlined later in this article.

Can Tally data be recovered?

When your current company data is lost or corrupted, you can restore your last backed up data using the Restore option in Tally. ERP 9. 1. Go to Gateway of Tally > F3 : Cmp Info > Restore to view the Restore Companies screen.

How can I recover my tally data?

To restore or recover deleted voucher, you have to go back to gateway of tally. You will find all deleted vouchers in the recycle bin. Select a voucher you want to restore and press enter. You will get a message” About to RESTORE Voucher.

What is Internal Error In Tally erp9?

Internal Error of . Cause: This error occurs due to a problem with the . cap file in Tally. ERP 9.

How can solve tally error Software exception c00005?

How can I check Tally server is running or not?

Enter the following URL in the browser: You will receive a message that Tally.NET server is running. If you are unable to see a message that Tally.NET server is running, configure the following: Proxy Settings (exclude *.

How can I connect to Tally server?


  1. Open Tally. Server Monitor.
  2. Go to Alt + S: Manage Server > F4: Setup.
  3. Specify the Gold License IP and Port under Tally. ERP 9 License Server details.
  4. Accept the screen and check in the client machine(s).

Why is there a problem with tally 7.2?

In Tally 7.2, the most common problem is any time data got corrupted and you can’t log in to the company.

How to start data migration in tally 7.2?

In Tally 7.2, double-click on the file “Tally72migration.exe” to start the data migration. Both the Tally 7.2 and Tally.ERP 9 data migrations will begin simultaneously in individual screens. After Tally.ERP 9 has been loaded, you will see “Ready for Migration” in the Migration Message pane.

What happens when your tally data gets corrupted?

Usually when Tally data gets corrupted you are shown an error message similar to this: If you receive an error similar to above then there are very strong chances of recovering your data loosing only last few transaction entries.

Which is a good feature of tally ERP 9?

One another good feature of tally.erp 9 is that u can take back up (by copy paste method) at any time even if you are working on it, viewing any ledger or printing or making entry which was not possible in earlier version of tally.