How do I activate full throttle Ffx 2?

How do I activate full throttle Ffx 2?

Support abilities The Full Throttle is Paine’s special dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. It is obtained by talking to Tromell four times in the Macalania Woods in Chapter 1 or 2. Since talking to Tromell at any point is optional, this is the only one of the special dresspheres that can be missed.

How do you get Victor primoris in FFX 2?

Victor Primoris is located on a ledge just over the side of the northernmost curve on Mi’ihen Highroad. You must have a chocobo to reach the chest. Use the chocobo and jump several times at the feather located here for this item.

How do you get Machina Maw?

Support abilities Machina Maw is Rikku’s special dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. It is obtained at the Oasis in the Bikanel Desert while chasing the Leblanc Syndicate in Chapter 2.

How do you get the Samurai Dressphere?

The Samurai is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. It is obtained in Kilika Temple in Chapter 3 in the area before facing Ifrit, or in a treasure chest in the temple’s Chamber of the Fayth in Chapter 5 if missed during Chapter 3.

How are dresspheres equipped in Final Fantasy X-2?

A set of spheres can be equipped through a Garment Grid so that the active sphere can be changed at any time (though in battle, changing a character’s active sphere takes up their turn). Dresspheres are not equipped directly, but placed in Garment Grids which are equipped directly.

Which is Yuna’s default dressphere in Final Fantasy X?

Gunner is Yuna’s default dressphere and is useful early on for attacking airborne and distant enemies. Over time the Gunner dressphere learns abilities that allow its attacks to bypass most armor and even directly target their MP! Rikku’s default dressphere functions much like the did in Final Fantasy X.

What does the Black Mage dressphere do in Final Fantasy X?

As expected, the Black Mage dressphere is all about blasting fiends with elemental damage. Eventually the wearer gains access to auto abilities that reduce MP costs and speed up casting times.

Where do you get the psychic dressphere in Final Fantasy 10?

To get the Psychic dressphere you must take part in the Fiend Arena battles, which are also exclusive to the HD Remaster. Thankfully, you only need to beat the Standard League to get this dressphere, which is much easier than the Youth League Tournament required to get the Mascot dressphere.