How do I contact Blogger on Blogger?

How do I contact Blogger on Blogger?

Look at the page. Most blogs will display a series of pages at the top of the home page. Often you can find one which will say “Contact Me” or something similar, or perhaps even an “About” page. Open the contact page and look through it.

How do I report a blog on Blogger?

If you encounter a post that you believe violates Community Guidelines, please report it using the ‘Report’ link located in the navigation of most blogs. If you are unable to find the link on the blog, you can still report suspected violations here..

How do I get to my Blogger dashboard?

To reach the Dashboard, just log in to the Blogger website. If you’re already logged in, look for a link to the Dashboard in the upper-left corner of any page and click it. This link is the Blogger icon. The Dashboard shows all the blogs that you’ve started with Blogger.

Does Google still support Blogger?

Blogger, the blogging platform Google acquired back in 2003, is somehow still alive and kicking, even though few people remember it still exists. But alive it is — and it’s even getting some updates to its Google+ integration that will see all those 20 people still on Google+ rejoice.

How do I contact another blogger?

6 Tips to connect with other bloggers:

  1. Comment – First point of connection. Comment like crazy to meet more bloggers and expand your presence online.
  2. Share Posts Aggressively.
  3. Know them properly.
  4. Communicate.
  5. Implement their advice.
  6. Understand their Time Value.

How do you send an email to blogger?

Set Up Mail-to-Blogger

  1. Open your Internet browser and log in to an administrator account for your Blogger blog.
  2. Click the “Settings” tab and then click “Email.” Scroll down to the “Mail-to-Blogger Address” section.
  3. Enter a secret word in the Mail-to-Blogger Address box.

Can you report a blog?

To report an entire blog, first click or tap the blog’s username from the dashboard to view their blog. Then tap the little human icon (or click the meatballs if you’re on desktop web), and then choose “Report.”

How do I delete someone’s blog?

Delete a blog Sign in to Blogger. At the top left, click the blog you want to delete. In the left menu, click Settings. Delete.

Where is settings on Blogger?

From the menu on the left, click Settings. Under “Permissions,” click Reader access and select from these options: Public: Anyone on the web can access and read your blog. Private to authors: All authors of your blog can access and read it.

How do I find my blog on Blogger?

  1. To see a list of all your blogs, in the top left, click the Down arrow .
  2. Click the blog you want to see.

Is Google Blogger going away?

After the termination of Google Plus, Blogger users are also becoming apprehensive about their position on the platform. In response, Soraya Lambrechts, a spokesperson from Blogger clearly replied that the company has no plans to sunset its blogging platform.

Is Blogger still relevant?

Blogging is absolutely still relevant in 2021. In fact, roughly 409 million internet users read about 20 billion blog pages monthly. Furthermore, blogging continues to flourish with a 12% increase in the last 5 years.

What to do if you have a complaint about Google?

Google provides customer service if you are looking for any type of direction or have complaint for various Google services. You can call Google Customer Service hotline anytime but get ready to wait as it will take long time if you want to talk to actual person on the other line.

How do you create a blog on Google?

Create a blog. On the left, click the Down arrow . Click New blog. Enter a name for your blog. Choose a blog address, or URL. Choose a template. Click Create blog. Note: Make sure you comply with the Blogger Content Policy and Terms of Service.

How to create and manage your own blog?

You can create and manage your own blog with Blogger. Sign in to Blogger. On the left, click the Down arrow . Click New blog. Enter a name for your blog. Choose a blog address, or URL.

How can I file a complaint about my YouTube account?

If you are need to file any complaint regarding your Gmail or YouTube account you need to file for Gmail and YouTube reports respectively. Gmail and YouTube don’t provide any support center that you can contact. Instead you are provided with a variety of different forms where you can report for any problem or any illegal behavior.