How do I contact CMJ University?

How do I contact CMJ University?

Contact Us

  1. CMJ UNIVERSITY. G.S Road, Jorabat, Ri-Bhoi District. Meghalaya-793101.
  2. E-Mail: [email protected]
  3. Call: 0361-2897413.

Is Eiilm a fake University?

EIILM University is a not fake University. This University is recognized by the UGC & AICTE.

Is CMJ University AICTE approved?

As CMJ University is a Bonafide University established by a State Act, it does not require AICTE approval.

Who is registrar CMJ University?


How do I get my transcripts from CMJ University?

Contact the Registrar’s Office to demand an official transcript….How to apply for the CMJ University Transcripts?

  1. The transcripts can be applied by visiting the university.
  2. First and foremost will be to visit the university and collect the form from the university office to fill it and submit all necessary documents.

Is CMJ University a fake university?

The CMJ University issued a false and misleading newspaper advertisement in the Shillong Times on April 22nd, 2013 claiming that the University has not yet awarded any Ph. D degree to any of the students enrolled from the State of Assam. D degree to candidates from Assam.

Is CMJ University Aicte approved?

Why is Eiilm university closed?

Closure of the university In 2013 the VC, chairman, registrar, and the controller of examinations were arrested by the police in Sikkim and Bengal in a case of forgery, cheating and criminal conspiracy.

When was CMJ University established in Meghalaya?

The CMJ University was established in the year 2009 by an Act of Meghalaya State Legislatiure under the CMJ University, Act , 2009 ( Act 4 of 2009 ) vide Notification No. LL (B) 42/09/80 dated 20th July, 2009.

Which is the entrance exam of CMJU Meghalaya?

CMJU conducts its entrance exam for professional courses. Group Discussion and Personal Interviews are conducted for admitting students in MBA, MPhil, BTech and MTech programmes. Each course has its eligibility criteria, candidates are advised to read the website thoroughly before taking admission.

What is the mission of cdvl University of Hyderabad?

Equal opportunities to education irrespective of socio economic status. Helps in Adult education. Contributes to lifelong learning. Helps in increase the higher education enrolment. The mission of the CDVL, University of Hyderabad is to create a learning environment to the outreach students for national and international students.

Is the University of Hyderabad a distance learning university?

University of Hyderabad Distance Education is Also Known for Its Quality Education in Distance Learning Mode. The Aim of the Directorate of Distance Education of the University Is to Spread the Education Throughout the State Especially to Educate Those Who Are Deprived and Unprivileged Class of Society.