How do I contact Lux?

How do I contact Lux?

5-YEAR WARRANTY LUX will cover the shipping cost for the product replacement. If there is an issue with your lighting product, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (805) 883-6866 between the hours of 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

What should I build on Lux support?

Lux Build for Support

Veigar Win Ratio 54.70% Counter
Sett Win Ratio 54.19% Counter
Vex Win Ratio 52.21% Counter

How long does Lux take to deliver?

We always offer our client’s the standard or tracked delivery preference. For all products in stock, dispatch time is 1-3 working days (Excluding weekend and public holidays). Should you require delivery urgently please contact us ASAP before purchasing to confirm goods will arrive on time.

How do I cancel my Lux skin order?

CANCELLATIONS: How do I cancel my order? Simply email us at [email protected].

Is Lux a good support Season 11?

Changes that have taken place over the seasons have made Lux an extremely powerful supporting champion while remaining a good option in the mid lane. Specifically, in season 11, over 90 percent of Lux players will choose to play her as a support.

How do I connect my Lux thermostat to WIFI?

Tap “Go to Wifi Settings” and connect to the TSTAT network. Return to the Lux App, select your home wifi network, and enter its password. Once Successfully connected, you will be prompted to name the thermostat.

What can I do with my Lux benefits?

My Lux Benefits gives you access to Everyday Savings! Whether it’s pizza or sushi you’re craving, movie tickets, a day at the zoo or planning a vacation — we’ll help you get it for less. My Lux Benefits provides you with over 500,000 savings opportunities in over 10,000 cities, saving you money where ever you are.

What are the features of the Lux app?

The new LUX App is packed full of enhanced smart features to make your life both easy and comfortable. The app is user friendly and includes an informative home screen, an intuitive smart scheduling interface, Home and Away Aware smart geofencing, and even the Accuweather so you can always be one step ahead.

How to contact tech support Lux Products Pro Solutions?

Tech Support – LUX Products Pro Solutions We’re Here to Help Your questions and comments are important to us. Fill out the form below, send an email to [email protected] or look to the bottom right of your screen to chat live with one of our friendly customer service representative.

Is there an app for the Lux thermostat?

The LUX App is compatible with the LUX Smart suite of thermostats the all new and affordable CS1 Smart Thermostat, KONO, and GEO devices all utilize the smart app available on IOS & Android devices. Best of all, its free to download! Peace of Mind and comfort control whether you are home or away.