How do I find out if a service broker is running?

How do I find out if a service broker is running?


  1. Check to see whether Service Broker is enabled: select name,is_broker_enabled from sys.databases where name= [YourDB]
  2. If Service Broker isn’t enabled, generate a new Service Broker: ALTER DATABASE [YourDB] SET NEW_BROKER; GO.
  3. Enable Service Broker on an existing database:

What is SQL Server Servicebroker?

SQL Service Broker (SSB) is a powerful asynchronous queuing and messaging infrastructure available in all editions of SQL Server 2005. It provides tools to handle a wide variety of tasks, from simple workload queuing all the way to advanced message routing between remote servers.

How do you clear the queue in SQL Server?

These procedures are presented in a logical order:

  1. Stop SQL Server Agent (otherwise, the queue will be locked)
  2. Click on New Query.
  3. Empty the mail queue by typing the following statement (then press F5 to execute)
  4. Once the queue is empty, stop the service.
  5. Now, start the service.
  6. Restart SQL Server Agent.

How do I disable a service broker?

How to enable, disable and check if Service Broker is enabled on a database

  1. To enable Service Broker run: ALTER DATABASE [Database_name] SET ENABLE_BROKER;
  2. To disable Service Broker: ALTER DATABASE [Database_name] SET DISABLE_BROKER;
  3. To check if Service Broker is enabled on a SQL Server database:

How do you restart a service broker?

Go to the next step to re-create the SQL Server Service Broker….Restart System Center Data Access Service

  1. After SQL Server Service Broker is enabled, restart System Center Data Access Service (OMSDK).
  2. In SQL Server Management Studio, go to Databases > OperationsManager > Service Broker.
  3. Expand Queues and Services.

What is server broker?

A broker server is a runtime system where a message broker runs. Regardless of how many broker servers an instance contains, exactly one of them must be designated as the primary server in the customization definition. This is the server to which resources that apply to an entire instance are assigned.

How do I clear the mail log in SQL Server?

Use the sysmail_delete_log_sp stored procedure to permanently delete entries from the Database Mail log. An optional argument allows you to delete only the older records by providing a date and time.