How do I get my rapidograph pen to work?

How do I get my rapidograph pen to work?

Cleaning Rapidograph HELL made easy:

  1. 1/4 cup Windex solution.
  2. Place whole nibs with ink well separated into solution.
  3. Use Q-Tip to rub the Windex solution inside the plastic ink well.
  4. Unscrew main black plastic housing from around the main inside nib component.
  5. Swished a bit and within 10 seconds it breaks up quickly.

How do you fix tech pens not writing?

Follow These Few Simple Steps for How to Unclog Technical Pens:

  1. Hold the pen vertical, with the pen nib up. Tap the base of the pen on a hard surface, such as a tabletop.
  2. Dip the nib of the pen into a bit of pen-cleaning solution.
  3. Wipe the nib of the pen with a clean dry cloth.

Why is my Gtech pen not working?

If the ink is skipping a lot, there could be bubbles or a clog in the ink. Heating the cartridge in warm water might help loosen things up. You can also try dipping the nib in alcohol or another solvent to dissolve any clogs. If you’re using the gel pens, dipping the cartridge in warm or hot water might work.

How do you get the ink to flow on a Rapidograph pen?

If the ink does not flow smoothly, rewrap the paper towel around the nib and shake the pen a few more times to start the ink flow. Unscrew the pen cap from the pen body, and push the colored tab at the base of the pen body so that the nib and cartridge are released. Remove the cartridge from the pen body and dispose of it.

How do you dispose of a Rapidograph pen?

Remove the cartridge from the pen body and dispose of it. Insert the new cartridge into the pen body until it is secure. Hold the pen so that it is horizontal to the ground, and wrap a paper towel loosely around the nib to trap excess ink; then shake the pen gently several times to load the nib mechanism with ink.

Why are rapidograph pens so popular with artists?

Rapidograph pens are very popular with artists and architects because they can exercise considerable control over the width of the line of ink that gets laid down on the page. Rapidograph pens are composed of the pen nib mechanism, the nib holder and cap, and a plastic ink reservoir.

Can you clean a Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph pen?

Short answer: I left a 0x3/.25 Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph with ink in it ( absolutely no cleaning what-so-ever AND a bent freaking cleansing wire – yep, that’s right – BENT WIRE!) alone for 8+ years and my 0/.35 and 2/.60 pens with a “half-ass” external and ink-cartridge cleaning for 5+ years. And yes, there is a chance to save them.