How do I get to balamb garden?

How do I get to balamb garden?

Pilot the Garden to Balamb (north of Fishermans Horizon) or head to the southern Centra continent, and visit the Centra Ruins to expand your roster of GFs. In Balamb, disembark, and enter the town. Talk to the soldier near the gas station and walk around nearby until he questions you.

How do I get to Trabia Garden ff8?

Pilot the Garden to Trabia (northeast of Balamb), or you can stop by nearby Shumi Village for a side quest. Back at Trabia disembark, and go to Trabia Garden. Follow Selphie over the wall. By the entrace is the Weapons Monthly August, a draw point and Selphie’s best friend.

How do you beat the Garden Master in ff8?

Balamb Garden’s Master is weak against Wind. Junction Wind magic to Elem-Atk. NORG can use a variety of both elemental and status magic. Strengthen your resistance by junctioning Life and Shell to Elem-Def and Reflect and Esuna to ST-Def.

Is there a way to get back to Balamb?

Make your way back to Balamb city. The guards will attempt to stop you from entering, but just keep talking (and randomly wandering around) and the team will manage to get inside. Head over to Zell’s house first. Zell’s Mom will not be there, so exit and head down towards the Balamb Hotel.

How do I get to Garden trabia?

Head to the upper right part of the world map and head to Trabia Garden (The map can be opened using the select button). When you enter the Garden, climb the net on the right side of the gate. (Optional: Head to the right side after entering to reach the graveyard.

Where is Edea’s orphanage?

Edea’s House is a location in Final Fantasy VIII situated on the shore of the southernmost peninsula on the Centra continent near a lighthouse. It is a large white stone house, which lies in ruin in present day. It used to be a site of an orphanage.

How do you beat the garden master Norg?

Known as Norg, he appears as a boss in the final stage of Master Room in Balamb Garden – The SeeDs of Conflict Challenge Event. To defeat Norg, the player is required to damage Norg Pod, then aim for Norg himself, all while also attacking Left and Right Orbs as to avoid their powerful magic attacks.

How do you beat master Norg in ff8?

Strategy. Summon Carbuncle and ignore the left and right pods. Keep attacking the Norg pod and when Norg comes out, immediately draw Leviathan. Draw and cast Dispel from the pod to Norg to remove its shell and do the same for Protect when it casts it to itself.

Where is Galbadia?

Galbadia Garden is located within the country of Galbadia to the north of Monterosa Plateau.