How do I know my fitted shirt size?

How do I know my fitted shirt size?

Here’s the scoop: The first number on the size tag refers to the neck size and the second number is the sleeve length. So a shirt size “15 34/35” means that the neck is 15 inches and the sleeve is between 34 and 35 inches.

What size should I wear if im 5 9?


130-150 LBS 170-180 LBS
5’7″ XS L
5’8″ XS L
5’9″ XS M
5’10” M

What size is 34 35 in men’s shirts?

Men’s Dress Shirt And Casual Shirt Size Chart

Size Avg. Neck Size Avg. Sleeve Length
M 15-16.5″ 32/33, 34/35, 36/37″
L 16.5-17.5″ 32/33, 34/35, 36/37″
XL 17-19″ 34/35, 36/37″
XXL 18-18.5″ 36/37″

How do I measure my shirt size online?

It’s easy, take your chest measurement (widest part of your chest). Just add 4-5 inches for space and total is your Shirt chest length. This is for the slim fit. If you want loose fitting, add 5-8 inches to the chest length.

Which size is big M or L?

“M” is Medium, “L” is Large, “X” is Extra Large.

What size should a 5’9 male be?

In the United States, the average height for men who are at least 20 years old is around 5 feet 9 inches, with an average shoe size of around 10.5 and a medium width (D).

What size clothes should I wear for my height and weight?


Size Weight Height
XS 100-115 lbs | 45-52 kg 57-61 in | 145-155 cm
S 110-125 lbs | 50-57 kg 61-65 in | 155-165 cm
M 120-145 lbs | 54-64 kg 65-69 in | 165-175 cm
L 140-165 lbs | 64-75 kg 68-73 in | 173-185 cm