How do I reindex my database?

How do I reindex my database?

Rebuild an index

  1. In Object Explorer, Expand the database that contains the table on which you want to reorganize an index.
  2. Expand the Tables folder.
  3. Expand the table on which you want to reorganize an index.
  4. Expand the Indexes folder.
  5. Right-click the index you want to reorganize and select Rebuild.

When should you reindex a database?

There are several scenarios in which to use REINDEX :

  1. An index has become corrupted, and no longer contains valid data.
  2. An index has become “bloated”, that is it contains many empty or nearly-empty pages.

How do I automate an index rebuild in SQL Server?

The option is under the Management node of SQL Server management studio. Right-click on Maintenance Plans and select New Maintenance Plan… Provide the appropriate name of the maintenance plan. Drag and drop the index rebuild task from the maintenance plan toolbox.

How do I reindex a table in mysql?

set @ROW = 0; UPDATE `tbl_example` SET `id` = @ROW := @ROW+1 ORDER BY `fld_date` ASC; This will order your rows like: 0,1,2,4,5…etc by your date. the way i would do it is to create a new table with auto increment index and just select all your old table into it ordering by date. you can then remove your old table.

When should you reindex a SQL database?

There’s a general consensus that you should reorganize (“defragment”) your indices as soon as index fragmentation reaches more than 5 (sometimes 10%), and you should rebuild them completely when it goes beyond 30% (at least that’s the numbers I’ve heard advocated in a lot of places).

Do SQL indexes update automatically?

Indexes are automatically updated regarding the what is stored in them (the column values of the rows that are indexed).

Is there a script to reindex the WSUS database?

The performance of large WSUS deployments will degrade over time if the WSUS database isn’t maintained properly. The T-SQL script in this article can be run by SQL Server administrators to reindex and defragment WSUS databases. It shouldn’t be used on WSUS 2.0 databases.

When do you need to use reindex in MySQL?

REINDEX is helpful when we need to recover from the corruption of an index in the database or when the description of an ordering structure is altered. Therefore, REINDEX supports to regain the performance and utility to faster access and smooth going operations in a MySQL database table.

Can a database be excluded from an index rebuild?

Any databases with compatibility level “SQL Server 2000 (80)” or earlier are automatically excluded from the index reorganization/rebuild process. So for example, if you run the script on a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance, but there are databases with compatibility level 80 (SQL 2000),…

When to reorganize indexes in SQL Server script?

If the fragmentation value is greater than 5%, but less than 30% then it is worth reorganising indexes. Reorganise all indexes for a table ALTER INDEX ALL ON XXXMYTABLEXXX REORGANIZE Reorganise one specified index for a table ALTER INDEX XXXMYINDEXXXX ON XXXMYTABLEXXX REORGANIZE Fragmentation 30%+