How do I set the release strategy for PR in SAP MM?

How do I set the release strategy for PR in SAP MM?

Release procedure for Purchase Requisition in MM

  1. Create Characteristics.
  2. create characteristic as “Release_PR_total_value” in transaction code CT04.
  3. Tab – Additional data – Table name CEBAN and Field Name is WERKS.
  4. Tab – Addnl Data – Table Name CEKKO and field name – EKGRP.

How do you maintain a release strategy in SAP MM?

SPRO: Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Release Procedure for Purchase Orders -> Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders. When you click on this option, system will give sub options to proceed further. Please select Release Codes. Keep the cursor on Release Codes and click on Choose button.

How do you create a PR release strategy?

first of all u have to create characteristic thru ct04 based on ur document types,purchase organisation etc according to ur need. one of the characteristic should be based on the total net value where u can maintain the various price step. then create a class fpr pr where u can assign all ur characteristics thru cl02.

What is release procedure to approved pr mm?

Release procedure defines, how the document is going to release. The document can be PR, PO, Contract, Scheduled agreement, RFQ. We can maintain the release process for respective documents also. Eg: we can maintain the release strategy for plant or material group also.

How do I change the release indicator in SAP?

Release Indicator

  1. The requisition can be changed by materials planning and control.
  2. An RFQ referencing the item can be created.
  3. A PO referencing the item can be issued.
  4. Purchasing can change the quantity or the delivery date.
  5. The item can be changed subsequent to the start of the release procedure.

How do you delete a release strategy in SAP MM?

Deleting Old Release Strategy from the system

  1. Delete the release strategies.
  2. Delete the release indicators.
  3. Delete the release codes.
  4. Delete the release group.
  5. Delete the class (Transaction CL02), provided a new one was created for the new release strategies.

What is the difference between with classification and without classification release strategy?

Requisitions without classification can have Account Assignment category, Material Group, Plant and Total Value only as characteristics, whereas in with classification you can define your own characteristics. Release procedure without classification is possible for internal purchasing docs.

How do you create a class for release strategy?

CREATION OF CLASSES Materials Management / Purchasing/ Purchase Requisition / Release Procedure / Procedure with Classification/ Edit Classes. Enter class, class type, & click on create button. now click on char. tab & enter characteristic name, & press enter, & save it.

How does sap determine a PR release strategy?

Every time a user create a PR, SAP R/3 will pass the PR data (value of PRu2019s fields) to the corresponding fields of u201CCEBANu201D communication structure. Then, based on the value in each field that we use as characteristics, SAP R/3 will determine which PR release strategy will be assigned to the PR.

How to create a release procedure in SAP?

Menu: IMG > Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Requisition > Release Procedure > Procedure with classification > Set up procedure — (tcode OMGQ in older SAP versions) We have two groups to create AA and AB. We need to indicate the class we are working with, in out case Z_PR. Create all the release code / group combinations.

When to use release procedures in a PR?

Release Procedures (approval) can be used for Purchase Requisitions (PR), Purchase Orders (PO), RFQ’s, Outline Agreements and Service Entry Sheets. The principle is exactly the same for all.

How to create a PR _ release-Proc class?

Create a new class with free choice of names as “PR_Release_proc” in transaction code CL02.*Key in the class name and select class type as 032 – RELEASE STRATEGY then click on symbol create to enter all the details as mentioned below. Tab – Basic data – Enter description as “PR_Release-Proc\\