How do I share Spotify on WeChat?

How do I share Spotify on WeChat?

Sharing on social media Share to social media directly from the Spotify app, copy and paste a link, or get a Spotify Code: Go to what you want to share and select the 3 dots next to it. Tip: You can also right-click it on desktop or web player. Select Share.

How do you search for songs on WeChat?

The feature is located in the discover section within WeChat and here’s how it works:

  1. Step 1) Open WeChat and get to the ‘Shake’ functionality.
  2. Step 2) Tap on the new ‘Music’ icon and then shake your phone.
  3. Step 3) WeChat finds your song: enjoy!

How do I post a youtube video on WeChat moment?

Launch WeChat app on your smartphone, go to Discover >> Moments, then long press the Camera icon to reveal the Text box, Here you can copy and paste the URL to your videos in this box, then tap on the Send button to publish the video link in WeChat Moments.

Can you post videos on WeChat?

You can record a video in Moments via Camera starting with the latest version of WeChat . Enter Moments > Tap the camera icon in the top right corner > choose Camera to record a short video or tap Choose from Album to post videos.

How do I copy my Spotify link?

Just head to your Spotify page. Select the ‘…’ option to the right of the ‘follow’ button, select ‘share’ and ‘Copy Spotify URI’.

How do I share my Spotify account?

It’s easy to get Premium Family

  1. Sign up or log in with your existing account.
  2. Invite family members you live with to Premium.
  3. Family members accept the invitation at home, confirm their address, and that’s it – you’re part of the family. *

How do you add music to WeChat?

It’s at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap Share Song…. Swipe left on the icons and tap WeChat. It’s the green icon with two overlapping chat bubbles.

How do I play music on WeChat?

Once you are in the account, simply tap the keyboard icon to in the bottom left and then type in the song or artist you want to hear. Late 80’s euro dance classics, that’s what we need right now. Clicking on one of the options brings up the song page. Tap the play icon to play the song.

How do I post a link on WeChat moments?

Copy the URL links you like from your mobile phone browser or anywhere else, then paste it in to the text inpurt box and tap on Send button at the top right corner to share the link in WeChat Moments. Sharing links in WeChat is quite similar to the sharing of texts.

How long of a video can you post on WeChat?

Most elements within the video moments ads are the same as normal text ads on WeChat, the only different is essentially the video element. Companies can post 6 – 15 second videos previews on the feed, and if the user clicks the video ad to see a full screen complete video can be up to 5 minutes long each campaign page.

How can I upload large video on WeChat?

First go to and log in with your WeChat account by scanning the QR code. It will start uploading, this may take time if it’s a large video file for example. Once it’s done you can share several ways. There will be a link which you can simply copy & paste into a chat thread.

Can you post songs to your moments on WeChat?

You cannot post songs to your Moments from within WeChat. However, it is pretty easy to share from a third party app. Here is how to do it from QQ music. I also believe some third party music apps allow users to save an .mp3 as a Favorite. You can then access this within a chat by clicking ‘+’ and selecting Favorites, then finding the song.

Can you post a long video on WeChat?

However, you can’t post a long video on there, the video should be less than 10 seconds. And there are two ways to post a video to your WeChat Moments. The difference between these two ways is that one is recording the video right now, and the other way is to select the video from phone album and post it.

How to share a song on Wechat on iPhone?

Sharing with Apple Music Open Music on your iPhone or iPad. Find the song you want to share. Tap the song you want to share. Tap …. Tap Share Song…. Swipe left on the icons and tap WeChat. Tap Send to Chat. Tap the person you want to send the song to. Tap OK.

How do you share a post on WeChat with all your friends?

If you want to share your post to your all friends on your WeChat then you need to do nothing. Because it’s showed to all friends by default. But if you want your post showed to specific people, you can click [Share List] to choose who you want to share with.