How do I stop my boat cover from collecting water?

How do I stop my boat cover from collecting water?

Preventing water collecting or pooling on your boat cover is best achieved by providing a proper boat cover support system or frame beneath the cover. Even if your cover has a snug fit, a little water can cause fabric to relax and create low points where there were none.

Do boat cover vents work?

Effective cover ventilation provides a more streamlined shape during transport. If air gets caught under your cover while in transit, vents will allow the air to escape, preventing a cover blow-off and unnecessary movement.

How does a boat vent work?

When refueling rapidly or overfilling your fuel tanks, boats vent air that is often mixed with fuel. During refueling, gas goes into the tank and displaces air. The air escapes out through your boat’s fuel tank vent.

What are vents for on a boat?


  • Reduce moisture and humidity belowdecks when the boat is left unattended.
  • Reduce the chances of mold, mildew and musty air development caused by trapped moisture and humidity in the boat.
  • Help electronics and fabrics last longer by maintaining a drier climate.

What kind of pole does a boat cover need?

Taylor Made Boat Cover Super Support Pole This Taylor Made Boat Cover Support Pole is a fully-adjustable aluminum support pole. This pole comes with a male canvas snap, a grommet tip, and a crutch tip to best work with your cover. The durable plastic…

How does a boat cover support system work?

Taylor Made Boat Cover Support System Extend the life of your boat cover by preventing water from pocketing. The system includes 50 feet of webbing, quick release buckles, a boat cover support pole that snaps to the webbing, and two hooks to attach to…

Do you need a support pole for a pontoon?

Need to protect your pontoon boat, the Taylor Made Pontoon Cover Support System is specially designed for pontoons to attach to their decking. When using a boat cover it is also good to have additional accessories including cover vents, tie-downs, and additional center support poles.

What’s the best tie down for a boat cover?

Airhead’s Suction Cup Boat Cover Tie Downs are perfect for 100’s of tie down applications where there simply isn’t an anchor point, cleat or other device to anchor conventional tie downs. Giant 3-1/4″ suction cups with toggle ball ties stick to auto…