How do I teach article of the week?

How do I teach article of the week?

Each week students receive an article and they are given some tasks:

  1. Read the title, author, and date.
  2. Evaluate the source.
  3. Number the paragraphs.
  4. Annotate!
  5. Underline important areas of comprehension.
  6. Reread or participate in second draft reading.

What is an article of the week?

Article of the Week (AoW) is an assignment that is meant to build skills in reading and responding to complex informational texts. It is also a way to build background knowledge about worldly topics; doing so lowers the hurdle for understanding other, more complex texts as students move further along in school.

Who invented article of the week?

Please note that, as I explain in-depth in this blog post, I take no credit for coming up with the article of the week (AoW) assignment. Kelly Gallagher came up with the idea, and I first came across it in Readicide.

What is an AOW English?

The Article of the Week (AOW) is a year-long, on-going project patterned after Kelly Gallagher’s “Article of the Week” curriculum. It is designed to provide students with weekly critical reading practice.

Where can I find best articles?

Here are some of the best places on the web to find thoughtful and engaging articles.

  1. Longform. Longform is an article curation service.
  2. Longreads. Another of the most popular article curation sites is Long reads.
  3. The Browser.
  4. r/InDepthStories.
  5. Pocket.
  6. CoolTools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever.
  7. Medium.
  8. MakeUseOf.

What does AOW stand for in ELA?

Email submissions will NOT be accepted. Taking a cue from ELA educator and literacy author Kelly Gallagher, students will annotate and respond to an Article of the Week (AoW).

What is the article of the week assignment?

Article of the Week is one of my favourite literacy strategies/assignments. I discovered this concept last year from the English teacher-guru Kelly Gallagher. The basic concept is for teachers to assign students a non-fiction article each week to read and provide time for students to develop a well-written response.

What’s the purpose of an article of the week?

The primary purpose of Kelly Gallagher’s article of the week assignment is to help his students gain knowledge about the world. Knowledge, after all, begets literacy, critical thinking, and more knowledge. With that said, I sometimes bring secondary purposes to the assignment, such as helping my students read for bias or argumentation.

How to respond to article of the week?

Each week, you will be given an article to read, annotate, and provide a response/reflection. When setting up your response, remember to follow MLA format and organize your paper into paragraphs. This is not a summary. Instead, it is a thoughtful reflection as to the importance of the information to you as an individual and global citizen.

What is article of week club for 6th grade?

Article of the Week Club, Grade 6 (6th Grade Nonfiction Articles + Activities)6th Grade Article of the Week Club is your solution for teaching ALL of the CCSS for Grade 6 Reading Informational Text! You’ll receive 25 nonfiction article + activity packs according to the schedule below.