How do you add sketch constraints in NX?

How do you add sketch constraints in NX?

Nx 10 Sketch Creating Constraints Automatically Lesson 1.2

  1. Open auto_constrain.
  2. Select Curve tab > Sketch in Task Environment and set the Sketch Name drop-down in the Home tab > Sketch group to PROFILE to edit the sketch.

How do you show constraints in NX?

To summarize, we can use the Constraint Navigator starting with NX 8, to help find Assembly Constraints associated with a particular part. You can also branch open the Dependencies group and select Detailed View to see those constraints.

How do you project sketch in NX?

Project Curve Siemens Nx 10

  1. Select Curve tab > Derived Curve group > Project Curve to display the Project Curve dialog.
  2. The Select Curve or Point selection step should be highlighted in the Curves or Points to Project pane.
  3. Select the Select Object selection step in the Objects to Project To pane.

How do you construct a parallel line in NX?

Create a parallel line halfway between two parallel lines.

  1. Select Home tab > Curve group > Curve gallery > Derived Lines.
  2. While in an active sketch pick a line in the Graphics window, the floating box displays.
  3. Input the desired offset distance in the floating box and press ENTER to create the line.

How do I turn off auto constraints in NX?

You can always constrain on the fly, the way you have previously. And you can remove constraints simply by selecting the circle constraint and pressing “Delete.”

How do you turn off continuous auto dimensioning in NX?

Menu -> utilities -> customer defaults -> sketch -> inferred constraints and dimensions -> dimensions; on this tab you will find options for the continuous auto dimensioning.

How do I turn off auto dimension in Autocad?

To Turn Off the Dimension Scale Override

  1. Click Utilities Drawing Setup.
  2. Click the Scale tab.
  3. Clear Automatically Create Dimscale Override.
  4. Select Save As Default if you want subsequent drawings to use these settings, or clear Save As Default to save your settings in the current drawing only.

Can you Auto dimension in Autocad?

Click the Annotate tab of the Ribbon menu. In the Dim Layer Override drop-down list in the middle of the Dimensions tab, select your dimension layer. That’s it! Whenever you add a dimension to this drawing, it will automatically land on your dimension layer, regardless of which layer is active.

How to apply constraint to a sketch in NX 8.5?

In this week’s tip, we are going to take a look at how to apply constraints to a sketch in NX 8.5/9.0. Starting in NX 8.5 a new look sketch constraint tool was introduced. When clicking the new sketch constraint command, it requires you to select the desired geometric constraint first then define the geometry.

How to create geometric constraints in NX 9?

1) Click on the Geometric Constraints Tool: 1 Click on the Geometric Constraints Tool: 2 When you first go into the command, the dialog below is presented (NX 9). 3 Notice we are prompted to select the constraint type first, then the geometry: 4 If you are doing a one-to-one constraint, you will need to advance the dialog.

How to show and remove constraints in sketch?

Use the Show / Remove Constraints command to display the geometric constraints that are associated with sketch geometry. Use Show / Remove Constraints to: Remove specified constraints. List information about all geometric constraints. Interrogate and resolve over-constrained or conflicting conditions.

Can a project curve move based on a non projected curve?

Project curves or edges non-associatively from a different part in your assembly. Create constraints between projected curves and non-projected curves. The non-projected curves can move based on sketch constraints but the projected curves are always fixed.