How do you beat Odolwa?

How do you beat Odolwa?

Because it is so well guarded, your best plan of attack is to use the many Flower Pads around the room and fly into the air. As Odolwa looks around for you, fly overhead and drop a Deku Nut on his head. It will stun him and open up his giant eye – which you can snipe with your bow or slash with your sword.

How do I get in the clock tower in Majora’s Mask?

  1. Arriving in Clock Town. Tatl tells you to go see the Great Fairy, who is in the shrine near the North Gate.
  2. Meet the Great Fairy.
  3. Go to the Observatory.
  4. Observatory.
  5. Go to the Top of the Tower.
  6. Retrieve the “Precious Thing”
  7. Get Help from the Mask Salesman.
  8. Prepare for the Journey.

How do you get the chest in Clock Town?

A treasure chest containing 50 Rupees can be found on the Night of the Final Day on the incomplete Festival Tower. It can be reached if Deku Link uses the nearby Deku Flower to launch up to the construction or by using the Hookshot.

How do you pop the balloon in Majora’s Mask?

When you exit out of the Fairy Shrine, you will find a small boy (Jim) who is trying to pop a balloon with a very familiar face on it. If you use your Deku bubble attack to pop the balloon, Jim will allow you to play a game that will give you access to the secret passageway that will lead you to the observatory.

What is Odolwa saying?

Odolwa speaks Mayan during his battle with Link, saying “K’iinam tòok òol,” “Tòokik taali,” and “A’alik beora.”

How do I fight Gyorg?

To defeat Gyorg, Link must use either his Bow or his Boomerang-fins as Zora Link to stun it. He must then dive in the water to attack Gyorg. Zora Link’s electrical barrier is particularly effective at this stage. Alternatively, Zora Link can stun Gyorg in the water using his fins or his electrical attack.

How did skull kid get Majora mask?

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Before the events of Majora’s Mask he was found by Tatl and Tael during a rainstorm. They eventually befriended, but the Skull Kid’s mischief leads to the Happy Mask Salesman, and he then steals a mysterious mask from him. The mask’s power then took him over.

How tall is Odolwa?

If you were still somehow under the impression that Majora’s Mask was just a regular old Zelda game by the time you got to the end of its first dungeon, the 30 foot tall dancing jungle warrior Odolwa was happy to set you straight.

How does the clock tower work in Zelda?

Every year at midnight on the day of the Carnival, the tower falls over, causing the clock face to be level with the ground. Along with this, the tower reveals stairs to the roof, allowing people to climb to the top by using the ramp leading up to the clock located to the side.

What does the clock tower do in majora’s mask?

The Clock Tower plays a key role in the events of Majora’s Mask, as it is where the climax of the game takes place. It is composed of a giant Terminian Clock, and it also emits a ray of light from atop the tower during the night, serving as a lighthouse of sorts.

Where is the Skull Kid in the clock tower?

It is here that he meets the Happy Mask Salesman for the first time, and it is also here that the hero is charged with the task of recovering Majora’s Mask from the Skull Kid. Link can find the Skull Kid standing at the top of the Clock Tower by looking through the giant telescope located in the Astral Observatory.

Where is the Happy Mask Salesman in clock tower?

The north-facing wall behind the Happy Mask Salesman inside Clock Tower bears a recurring symbol from the Ikana region that appears on the walls and floor of the Ancient Castle of Ikana, as well as the brooch of Igos du Ikana. ↑ “We’ll call you from atop the Clock Tower, so do something about him, all right?”