How do you calculate weighted cluster points?

How do you calculate weighted cluster points?

How to calculate cluster points – kuccps weighted cluster points formula

  1. Take the sum of points in the 4 subjects considered in whatever course you wish to take then divide by 48( maximum points in those 4 subjects)…
  2. Take your total points divide by 84, e.g 72/84….

How are Kcse points calculated?

The total number of points is 81. The average grade is 81 divided by 8, which equals 10.1 (approximately 10.0 points) which is Grade B+ according to the grading system. This student qualifies to join one of the Public Universities for his good score.

What are the cluster points for nursing?

Below is a list of cut-off points (cluster) for Bachelor of Science in Nursing in different Universities in Kenya:

  • BARA: 37.876.
  • CU: 39.383.
  • CUEA: 37.754.
  • DAYSTAR: 36.295.
  • DKUT: 38.980.
  • EU: 40.695.
  • JKUAT: 41.217.
  • KABU: 39.361.

What is the cluster points for law in Kenya?

Cut-Off Points Each subject has a maximum of 12 cluster points representing A-grade and a minimum of 1 cluster point representing E-Grade.

What is the meaning of cluster points?

The Raw Cluster Points is the maximum points for any cluster (four subjects). There are 48 points – assuming a student scored grade ‘A’ in all the four subjects (12×4). The total points of the four cluster subjects are calculated based on a students result slip. This total is also called the Raw Cluster Points.

How many points is a in KCSE?

KCSE Grading System Per Subject 2021

Grade A A-
Points 12 11

How do you get B in KCSE?

To pass your KCSE examinations, all you need is to start doing early revision. Ensure that you have gone through your class notes from form one to form four. When reading, always make a summary of important points so that you can use them for revision a month or two to KCSE exams.

What are my cluster points?

What subjects do I need to study nursing?

What Matric Subjects Do You Need to Study Nursing?

  • Mathematics.
  • English.
  • Life Science.
  • Life Orientation.
  • Any other African Language.

What are the cluster subjects for law?

In order to qualify and practice law as a chosen career, individuals should satisfy certain minimum admission requirements that are required for enrolment. They include; KCSE (Mean C+) and C+ passes in each of the four cluster subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

What subjects do I need to study law in Kenya?

Currently, the minimum requirement for admittance to the law degree programme in Kenya is an overall high school (KCSE) minimum grade of C+, with a C+ in English and one humanities subject.

How do you get a weighted cluster point?

To get the weighted cluster point, this short formula is followed. For one to be able to get the weighted cluster points, one has first to determine the following: r – which is the sum of the performance index of the relevant cluster subjects which should be four subjects. API – the amount of performance index of 7 required subject of the candidate

How to calculate the kuccps formula for cluster points?

How to Calculate Cluster Points KUCCPS. w=√(r/m*api/spi)*48. The above formula is handy when calculating weight cluster points, below are some of the main critical denotations represented. Symbol Meaning. w Weighted Cluster Point. c Raw Cluster Point. a Aggregate Cluster Point. m Maximum performance index per cluster for all students and subjects

What can you do with 18 cluster points?

Moreover, those having an aggregate of 18 points are eligible to join any institutions offering craft courses such as technical colleges. The current ongoing applications are for private sponsorship in most universities, such as the University of Nairobi.

Which is the University with different cluster points?

Cluster points directly affect students eligibility for a particular course enrolled. Different tertiary institution including Dedan Kimathi University, Nairobi University, Kenyatta University, and Jomo Kenyatta University all use different cluster even for similar classes.