How do you drink Wincarnis tonic wine?

How do you drink Wincarnis tonic wine?

Served straight or with gin to create ‘win and gin’, it is a refreshing drink served over ice and is great used as a mixer, it’s very similar to Pimms and is a very versatile drink. Jamaicans mix it with Guinness and milk for ‘extra stamina’. Wincarnis is golden in colour and smells like warm Christmas pudding.

Is Wincarnis wine sweet?

Sweet, full-bodied, with warm spicy ginger heat on the palate. Wincarnis Tonic Wine was first produced in 1887.

Is Bacchus tonic wine alcoholic?

It contains 18%v/v alcohol. Enjoy Bacchus Tonic Wine. It is a free-flowing rich blend of tonic wine fortified with eight essential vitamins. It contains 18%v/v alcohol.

Is Sanatogen wine good for you?

A concentrated nutrient with tonic properties. It is very easily digested and absorbed and is recommended as an effective means of reinforcing the daily diet of anaemic and convalescent patients, including children, and in cases of weakness and exhaustion from overwork or illness.”

What is wine tonic?

Drinks. Generally a sweet, strong, red wine with added herbs or compounds such as iron salts, formerly supposed to confer medicinal benefit, though now labelled with cautious disclaimers.

What kind of herbs are in Wincarnis tonic wine?

“Wincarnis Tonic Wine is a carefully formulated blend of enriched wine and malt extract with a unique infusion of selected therapeutic herbs and spices including gentian root, mugwort, angelica root, balm mint, fennel seed, coriander seed, peppermint leaves, cardamom seeds and cassia bark ….is a natural tonic incorporating…

Are there any health benefits to drinking Wincarnis wine?

Wincarnis is universally known to be the longest established and most trusted health improving wine. It is created from natural ingredients consisting of an unique selection of health inducing herbs and spices. The benefits of taking Wincarnis is immediate. It is an invaluable restorative with long lasting effects. Reduction in heart disease.

What kind of wine is Wincarnis made out of?

It is a fortified wine (17%) now made to a secret recipe of grape juice, malt extracts, herbs and spices, but it no longer contains meat. Wincarnis has a similar taste to sweet sherry .

Who is the owner of Wincarnis Wine Company?

The brand was eventually owned by Hedges & Butler (part of Bass), which was acquired in 1998 by Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd of Broxburn, Scotland. Wincarnis is currently made by Broadland Wineries in Norfolk, and sold by Macleod.