How do you get credits in Mass Effect 2?

How do you get credits in Mass Effect 2?

Credits are fairly sparse in Mass Effect 2. They are rewarded by examining certain datapads and containers and after completing missions.

How do you get max level in Mass Effect 2?

To obtain maximum XP in Mass Effect 2, you will need to start by importing a character from Mass Effect. You will also have to indulge in a second playthrough. You will start the second run with a lower level than your first run, but gaining XP in the second wave is much easier.

How do you get max level in ME2?

You can’t get past that in ME2. If you continue your save file into ME3, you will start at level 30 and can level up to 60.

Can you get the paramour achievement with Liara in Mass Effect 2?

Re: Paramour 2 – Liara Yes, like the other user wrote: Romancing Liara does not award the Paramour achievement in ME2 and will never award the Paramour achievement in LE:ME2.

How do you get max level in Mass Effect?

Previously, Mass Effect’s max level went up to 60 but was only achievable in a New Game Plus run. By bringing down the Mass Effect Legendary Edition level cap and adjusting the XP gain, players will have the chance to reach the max level during a single playthrough of the game.

How to keep squad points in Mass Effect 2?

While evolving a skill from level 3 to level 4 at the squad menu, press A + X to regain all spent squad points and keep the skill evolution. This works best if you level a skill from 0 to 4 (10 points) at the same time. Repeat this process to fill every line of your and your crew’s skill tree.

What do you get in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2 features a New Game + feature which allows you to play the game a second time with certain items and stats you accumulated in your first game. •You get to choose your Loyalty Bonus Skill from the start.

How to unlock cheat function in Mass Effect 2?

Use a text editor to edit the “Coalesced.ini” file in the “\\Program Files\\Team JPN\\Mass Effect 2\\BioGame\\Config\\PC\\Cooked” directory. Change the indicated lines in the file to the listed modified value to unlock the corresponding cheat function:

How to redeem a Mass Effect 2 redemption code?

After creating an account, enter one of the following redemption codes, and select the “No Purchase” option: Select the “Redeem” button to get a login for an EA account. Log in with your EA account information that is linked to Mass Effect 2.